Old Things

This is a crazy old cookie jar in Grandma Fuller's house. Thought it was worth a share/reminder.


Etsy and Crawling and Eating and...

There are three major things that have been going on. One is Etsy.

That has pretty much taken up ALL of my time since 3 days after Thanksgiving. I've been sewing, embroidering, stuffing, cutting, soldering, foiling, mailing, and just doing stuff for Nausicaa Distribution almost non-stop. I've had about 5 nights of being up until 5am since then. And the rest the earliest I've gone to bed is midnight, but that only has happened about 3 times. Usually I'm up until about 2 or 3 am making things while Keagan and Shannon sleep. It's been crazy busy, but so awesome! Since 11/28/10, when things started getting busy, I've sold 204 items. Yes, 204. That means that over a span of 23 days I averaged 8.9 items a day. That is crazy! :)

During that time I've also been on the front page of Etsy (sweet), posted about on GeekMom, and featured in the ASA Holiday 2010 Gift Guide (super sweet!).

Okay, but on to things not Etsy (which doesn't happen much). Keagan. How's she been? Great! Since Thanksgiving she's totally mastered crawling. At Thanksgiving, she could rock like a pro. This video is from 1 week before Thanksgiving.

Now, well, she crawls like crazy. She goes from room to room, over carpet, tile, blocks, dad, anything in her way, if she see something she wants. She started to crawl about 1 week after Thanksgiving and has just gotten continually better. Yesterday she even balanced herself from crawl to a lean to a stand, for about .5 seconds she stood. :)

We've also been feeding her more foods. Instead of her reaction being *gag* its now *eat*. Much better.



And... the fourth thing... Keagan is getting teeth! You can feel two little fellas on the bottom and almost see white. :) She's been pretty good about it. A lot of chewing and drooling and fussing and waking up during the night. But she's been pretty happy still.


HOLIDAYS!! are coming.

So, I've been super busy lately. But I'm not dead. :) Here is some Christmasy cocoa in a sweet mug from the grandparents in Lakewood and a banana browned butter muffin. Mmm. :)