Playing Tacos

Things have been going pretty good lately. Etsy is still doing well. I am working on an order of 19 plushies for Facebook now. :) Sweet huh!

Keagan is "walking." She doesn't really get very far yet, but she can travel about 1.5 feet. It's pretty cute. See?

She also started clapping today. We have it on video, but I haven't uploaded them yet. My computer is old and running out of room, so I'll have to fix that first.

Also, she spent the last two nights sleeping in her crib in her room instead of in the crib in our bedroom. It's MUCH further away, but she is more comfortable and slep through the night both nights, 9-10 hours. It's pretty sweet.

Keagan and Cassidy watching horses.


10 Months

Keagan turned 10 months old Saturday. :) How cute.

She stands a lot. Has even taken a few steps, but maxes out at 3, usually 1.5.

She points at things.

She kind of says "more" but its more like mama then more.


Keagan Pic!

She's a cutie with 4 teeth and working on some molars.