Keagan and Kendall

These trucks actually belong to Steve and Margo, but we haven't seen them since they got left at our house. 

Turns out, Kendall and Keagan think they are pretty cool.

Kendall and Daddy

Playing in her jumpy seat with da-da, 9.5 months old.


She Eats!

Kendall is 6 months and about 10 days.  We started her with some solid food (baby cereal) and she eats so well.  Especially compared to gagging-Keagan.  :)  She's steadily gaining weight and coordination and hair.

She sits great, lays and rolls when she feels like it, which isn't very often.  She loves to jump.  We bought her a suspended jumper seat (jumperoo) and she loves it.  Plus, its super cute to watch her little feet as she hops up and down.

Keagan is going great too.  Still naps once a day and isn't quite yet potty trained.  Although she can wear "girl panties" for like 6 hours in a row with no accidents.  And she does go in the potty, just not all the time.  She still likes her diaper.

Keagan loves Kendall.  She tell us and Kendall that all the time, which is super.  They get along really well.  Both laughing and smiling at the other.

They started daycare at Patrica's full time last week.  It is going well.  Keagan has a good time there and is making friends easily with the other kids.  There is another baby Kendall's age and about 4 other kids closer to Keagan's age.  I'm really glad they both get along well there.


A Lull in School

Nausicaa Distribution (and the occasional 3.5 month old at 3am) is eating my sleep time. 

We've been super busy.
  • Mom took last Friday off and came down to help.  She spent almost all her waking time down in our basement embroidering plushies.  She did around 50-60 plushies.  omg.  
  • We've been awake till around 2am-4am every night for the two-ish weeks working on orders when the girls are sleeping.
  • I took a half day Wednesday at work to get in a good days worth of sewings.  
At one point we had 96 open orders.  Now we are down to 60.  Shoot, that is still a lot.  But hopefully it all gets caught up soon.  

In Keagan world:  she's working on potty training.  And we are doing very little to help.  For the past 3 or so nights, she's taken it upon herself to go potty without us asking or helping.  She comes out of the bathroom and says "I peed!" then comes over for a round of high-5's for those in the room.  :)  She's even made poop in the potty, and stated, "Oh, it kinda looks like sausage." 

Kendall is getting way better with the hands.  She just doesn't seem interested in holding things besides her hands...She smiles all the time and "chats" with us, too.  She LOVES Keagan.  Always a smile for her sister, even when Kendall is eating and Keagan decides to hug and kiss her.

Shannon's business is doing well.  He's got lots of meeting this week, but then is "off" for Christmas.  And by that I mostly  mean his groups he's working with are not doing things over the holidays.

The saddest thing is that it looks like another year without sending Christmas cards.  Etsy is just much time.


3 Month Old Kendall

The best thing about my blog is going back to see what Keagan and Nikki were doing at certain ages so I can compare to each other and Kendall.  That is my lone motivation to make new posts.  For the sake of future me.

So, Kendall is 3 months old now.  Here is what she can do...

  • Poop like crazy.  Oh my that child can poop.  She has these horrible accidents where the poop comes out all over.  It comes out the top of the diaper and invades her cute little belly button.  It squishes through the sides of the legs and onto her thighs.  Its super gross and happens a few times each week.  We thought maybe it was the diapers being too small, but no.  It's her.
  • Sleep through the night.  This one is a positive feature.  She has been sleeping in her crib for about 1 month now, and sleeping well.  She may way once in a while for a pacifier, but she will eat a lot from about 9-10:30, then sleep from then until about 7 or 8 am.  Awesome.  
  • Chew her fists.  She has accidentally grabbed some items, but not completely with the intention to eat it just yet.  But she is mighty close.  Instead, she chews her fists a lot.  Many times poking herself in the throat, thus inducing gag reflexes and coughs.
  • Smile.  She is a super-smiler.  Almost always happy.  She loves diaper changes and "chats" up a storm during them.  She also just likes to sit and smile.  Smile at mom.  Smile at dad.  Smile at Keagan. It's a happy time.
She also has a good deal of hair.  More than Keagan had, and Keagan had a decent amount.  It's much darker than Keagan's, too.

Kendall is great.  I'm really glad we have a second child.  I'm really glad Keagan loves her (and voluntarily announces it at least once a day).


"My Turkey"

Keagan is 2 1/2 years old.  She doesn't name things.  At all.  Her blanket is the closest to having a name and it's "my soft blanket."  Not so much a name as just an adjective with a noun. 

At daycare last week she made hand turkeys.  I'm guessing Ashly asked her what the turkey's name was because "My turkey" was written on the top corner of the paper, and that is totally what Keagan would call it. 

So, here is what Shannon and I think.  We think that the ability (or lack of ability) to recall names is genetic.  Shannon has a pretty bad time remembering names.  And Keagan does, too.  I'm not just saying that because of "my turkey" but other things as well.  One of Shannon's cousins who see see about 1 or 2 times a year, Adam, spent some time with us this summer.  Now mostly any boy within a +- 5 year age of Adam is called Adam.  Even if it's someone she sees more often (say Trevor and Brendan who we see about once a month).

I think Keagan has been passed down Shannon's gift.


31 Weeks

We've got 9 weeks left until we meet our next daughter.  The best name we have for her so far is: Keagan II, or Keagan Junior.

There really aren't (m)any names we both like, or more accurately, that I like.  I'm sure we'll come up with a name in the next two months.  No real worries.

Rhonda has been working hard to clean out two rooms for us.  Grandma's room for us to sleep in and Lorita's room for Keagan II to sleep in.  Keagan is looking forward to it.  Every now and then you can hear her say "baby sister" and then talk about a toy or her being small or eating something or other cute 2-year old things to say. 


doghouse diaries truth

Change the "her" to "his" and the "she" to "he" and that is pretty much true for Shannon.


Happy New Year

2012. It just keeps getting more futuristic sounding. But is it "twenty-twelve" or "two thousand twelve"?


Merry Christmas!

I've had one of my two Christmases so far. Today we are going to open gifts with Rhonda and Shannon's family. :) Good times!

Sunday was Christmas at Mom's. We had a great time. Nice relaxing day with some good food and good laughs. Keagan is at a fun age. Although, she had two too many presents and just didn't want to open them. So, they are at Mom's. We'll go back for New Years and try again.