Yesterday Shannon and I went to Central Tag Agency to get our new Oklahoma license plate. Here in Oklahoma the process is taken care of by private agencies, not by the DMV. It was an annoying long and stupid process. We do now have an Oklahoma plate, but I will not claim to be from Oklahoma. I simply live here now. I would probably have to say I'm from Kansas, although I lived in Pennsylvania about as long. I made a lot of really big life changes in Kansas (college and marriage).

In other Oklahoma news, the sales tax down where Shannon and I live is 8.517%. That is a lot and I don't really know what it's used for...

And for some cute news... Happy 2nd Birthday Nikki!


What's Next?

Today I finished a project. I made some shelving for my sewing room! I designed and planned out the shelves during the oh-so-engaging training sessions last week at work. Then Saturday Shannon and I piled 5 8'long pieces of wood into our car and came home. I cut them all (with the saw from Mom, sweet), sanded them, drilled them, and screwed it all together (with the help of my wonderful husband when I needed it).

Now I will stain it sometime, but it is currently in the room being used! It makes my sewing room more useable. Plus it was fun to make!


Hairs Cut

This weekend, while Newgen and Andrea visited, I was sitting on the floor in front of Shannon (who was sitting on the futon). We were happily playing Boom Blox when I went to move, and noticed that Shannon was accidentally standing on my hair. "Hmm," I thought, "I think my hair is too long."

So last night, after I mowed the lawn and took a shower, Shannon cut 11" off my hair. Now, it's not as much as Jenette cut off (from this to this), but I'm not as brave as she is. I'll dontat



Last night Shannon and I went to a Tulsa Drillers double-header game. They were to play two 7 inning games (instead of 9 innings) back to back. The first one they lost. The second one was tied after 7 innings, tied after 8 innings, tied after 9 innings, tied after 10 innings (now it's almost midnight), tied after 11 innings (now we went home because I was really tired aka sleeping in the stadium), tied after 12 innings (we listened to on the radio), and the visiting team then scored 4 runs in the top of the 13th inning with the Drillers scoring none in the bottom. Game over, only one inning less than twice as long as scheduled.



Yeah. This car is sweet.


Lawn Mowed (after 40 days)

One of the last things Shannon and I needed to buy was a lawn mower. So we checked out the Consumer Reports and found a good buy at a good price. So Monday the 7th we went to Lowe's and bought it. I got home, assembled the handled, filled her up with fluids and mowed the front lawn. It's a good thing to have a mower that starts and stays started. Mom's old mower was just too old...go figure.

Then I got to the back yard. That hadn't been mowed since we moved in (over a month). I went to raise the height of the blades and the metal lever that adjusts the front left wheel broke in half in my hand. Nice. You can see in the pic above, one wheel is silly. I mowed half the back yard anyway, but it was late so I stopped.

Tuesday we went to Lowe's and they said they needed the whole mower, so Wednesday we brought it in (which is a lot of work to cram a lawn mower in the back of our little Tracer, see the pic below). They easily gave us a new mower and last night (over a week later, I know) I mowed the lawn. So now, we have a lot full of brown grass. Excellent.


Chad Johnson

Happy Fourth of July. With explosions of beauty from Ocho Cinco.



There's an impostor in Muskogee, Oklahoma. A shady looking restaurant claims to be "El Charro." Don't worry, I know better.