Merry Christmas!

Woo Hoo! I've had a good day so far. Note-worthy gifts include, awesome nail polish, Under Armour, and a new monitor! Woo hoo!

Well, enjoy your day and have an awesome holiday.


Beginning of a Vacation

We got to Wichita around 6:30 yesterday. We had burnt steak for dinner and while turning the burnt steak, I burnt my hand. Excellent.

Today we are gonna go shopping and eat something (hopefully). I am really hungry and would love to eat some food. I must be patient. Waiting for 4 other people in the same house to get ready takes longer than just Shannon waiting for me to. :)

Here is a cool picture of the sunset that Shannon took while we were driving up here.


Cox, how I love thee

But sadly, they are now Hobnob's. Yeah, Cox Brothers BBQ is Hobnob's. So sad. Cox is the best bbq I've ever had. It is a local place to Manhattan and I'm really sad its leaving. We ate their tonight and I got the BBQ Nachos, like normal. They are so good. It is sad that they are leaving.


Some Notes

First. I'm giving you links to fun provided by others.
  • Shannon has found Bikini Calculus! Yes. This is very fun and quite the link for the Math Ninja.
  • Crunch has found a couple of links, including an awesome old lady.
If you've got some time, they are fun.

Second. I only have 1 day of school left! Woo hoo.

Third. Here is a picture of our Christmas tree to complete the post from ago. You can't tell from the picture, but it has dark purple, olive green, and bronze balls on it and cool copper ribbon. Looks good I think.


2 Days!

And then I'm half-way done with my last year of teaching! Woohoo! Some of the students are great. I mean really, great. But some of them just drive me nuts. If I could pick and choose who stayed and who left, I would be set. But, alas. That can not be done.

Tomorrow is the Secret Santa Breakfast. I need to get there at 7 am. So we have to leave at 6:30! ouch. Well, I need to make the delish French Sticks for the breakfast. They are soooo good!


2 of Diamonds

Yep. I just guessed the card. It was a 2 of diamonds. Cool.

It is Snowing

And I went to get my contacts from the eye doctors. There is like...3-4 inches and it's still coming down. yay.


Falling With Grace by Plunge

Amazon.com: Falling With Grace: Music: Plunge

Dude. Jayme used to listen to this stuff. I don't know if it reminds her of Alberto, but it doesn't for me and I like it. I was sad to hear she lost the CD. You can listen to sample on Amazon. It is cool 'cause it has a tuba, and that is what Jayme plays. Yay.


One of our students is really depressed and just came to our team around Thanksgiving. He has been doing no work and, just like a lump, sits there in class. Well we met with his mom and now I've been making an effort to notice him and be extra polite/nice. It's been working. He turned in everything I asked him for today and asked me about football on Tuesday and stuff like that. So today in CAT time (he's in my CAT), he comes up to ask me a question, and I forgot what it was. But he goes, "um, mom..." Then looked at me and started to laugh. It was pretty funny. I laughed for a while. It was nice to see him happy.

Then he's probably moving teams again...great...

Also, I went to a liquor store. Crazy. I had to get red wine and white wine for cooking. Hopefully what I got will work.

On to cooking and cleaning.


Christmas Update

I've been updating my Amazon wish list a little. So if you still wanna buy me something :) you can check it out. Also, my Christmas blog has some other things listed on it.


So, one of my students asked me about a pattern. This one...

t H
0 10
1 12.5
2 17.5
3 25
4 35
5 47.5

So, it isn't linear, its quadratic. I thought the formula should be 2.5t^2+10=H....



Yesterday I got my pupils dilated. It was trippy. I did it two years ago too and this is what it looked like. We went to Panera and it was one of the most entertaining drives in a while. As Shannon drove, I took off my glasses and was amazed at the beauty of the orbs. Light was trying to escape from light cages all over. Crazy colors too...blue, green, red, orange, red-orange-blinky, ah...


My Classroom

Ever wonder what my awesomely large classroom looks like? Well, your wonders are answered! Here i a picture of my classroom all decorated out. Lights all around the room, snowflakes on the wall, ah. It's nice. I also have a neat desk arrangement. The kids approve it too.


O Foto Books

So today at school, one of the boys goes, "Hey, Mrs. D, at lunch, Kyle said you were hot." I was like, "Yes." and then just walked away. What do you say to that? I just pretended it was nothing and joked about it. Oh! Even better...

Yesterday at school in the morning I got a phone call so I stood up and talked on the phone. Then I hung up and sat down. But my butt was only about 1.5" over the chair and all I did was push it away and sit on the floor. Luckily no students were in my room, so I just laughed, and sat back down.

Buying a house in Manhattan costs way too much money. I've decided.

P.S. Jayme is pregnant!


Very Red

My pedicure resulted in red toe-nails. See? It is very not me, but that's alright. It's fun.

I actually got a chance to paint today. I finished 2 Dryads and put together 2 Glade Riders. Good times. Aaron is even here painting with us!



Yesterday I went on a grant to American Academy of Cosmetology and Massage Therapy. It was kinda fun. I got a facial and a pedicure by freshmen cosmenauts for free! And then we ate at Buffalo Wild Wings for free (b/c the school paid!).

On another note, yay friday.