A Lull in School

Nausicaa Distribution (and the occasional 3.5 month old at 3am) is eating my sleep time. 

We've been super busy.
  • Mom took last Friday off and came down to help.  She spent almost all her waking time down in our basement embroidering plushies.  She did around 50-60 plushies.  omg.  
  • We've been awake till around 2am-4am every night for the two-ish weeks working on orders when the girls are sleeping.
  • I took a half day Wednesday at work to get in a good days worth of sewings.  
At one point we had 96 open orders.  Now we are down to 60.  Shoot, that is still a lot.  But hopefully it all gets caught up soon.  

In Keagan world:  she's working on potty training.  And we are doing very little to help.  For the past 3 or so nights, she's taken it upon herself to go potty without us asking or helping.  She comes out of the bathroom and says "I peed!" then comes over for a round of high-5's for those in the room.  :)  She's even made poop in the potty, and stated, "Oh, it kinda looks like sausage." 

Kendall is getting way better with the hands.  She just doesn't seem interested in holding things besides her hands...She smiles all the time and "chats" with us, too.  She LOVES Keagan.  Always a smile for her sister, even when Kendall is eating and Keagan decides to hug and kiss her.

Shannon's business is doing well.  He's got lots of meeting this week, but then is "off" for Christmas.  And by that I mostly  mean his groups he's working with are not doing things over the holidays.

The saddest thing is that it looks like another year without sending Christmas cards.  Etsy is just much time.