What Time is It?

Assume: I am looking at my watch and from this moment on, the hour hand will take exactly twice as long ast the minute hand to reach the number six. What time is it?



So, I've been having these dizzy headaches since Spring Break almost. Well, I think it's because of my contacts. So I've been wearing my glasses. It's helped because I haven't had a headache since Sunday after I took out my contacts, put on my glasses, and took some tylenol. I made an eye doctor appointment, so I'll get it taken care off.

In related news, we ate at Hobnobs (old Cox) last night, talked to a manager and chef about the changes they've been making (like cheap beans). And in the process the manager (also our waitress) said I looked like a cat person. How Sad! (it's the glasses)


Ambidextrous Butt

You asked for it, Mom. Here's the murderous monkey butt.


Japanese Festival of Fun

The Japanese Festival was quite fun this year. We got there and saw some familiar faces, including Charity and Steve in line for the candy animals on a stick. After being amazed at the woman's talent of coloring, stretching, clipping, and molding candy to look like a wide array of animals, we purchased a monkey. He's so cute! I showed him off a bunch. If you notice the red food coloring all over, it kinda looks like blood. Well, he's a baboon and he has a red butt that is really clenching the wood. Charity made two comments that we can combine into one. The monkey committed murder with his ambidextrous butt to keep his banana. But, murderous monkey or not, he's a cutie.

Other fun things, are that Shannon won a 10$ gift certificate to Royal Thai Cuisine. So we will go there some time and try it out. We heard it was good and expensive. Since that place has kinda scared us, hearing its expensive means it may be good.

Also, I saw three of my students there. It is really weird hearing people refer to you as Mrs. Dick when you're at a place like that. A comment made by one of the student's Asian chaperone was "How do you know her? Your math teacher?! She is young."

P.S. I spelt ambidextrous correctly the first time!


I Hate Stupid

We just got back from a really fun day at the Japanese Festival with Charity and Steve. We got a t-shirt and an awesome sugar monkey! Then we ate dinner at Chipotle and Steve paid, how nice of him!

Then the stupid stuff hit. The spring game was today and we drove home while everyone who went to it drove home. So, at the 4-way stop by Jardine and Dennison, I put my blinker on to go left (to go home!) and the cop said, no. I had to turn right and go all through the traffic on campus, all the way around to get back to my house by going down Sunset. That really pissed me off. Really. They wouldn't even let people go straight. You had to turn right. That is so incredibly stupid. It makes me mad, so very mad. Stupid cop.

To add to the "piss Nicole off"-ness. I broke my sugar monkey's legs off with my purse in the car. That sucks. Luckily, Shannon was smart enough to think to glue it together. Thanks Shanno!


Since I've returned to school, I've...
-counted down the days I have left, 25 contract days, 1 I'll be gone and 23 of which have students.

-played some more Necromunda, 4 more battles into the Truth Crusade.

-had some good Cousin Cosmo's Greek Chicken for game night. Shannon and I did the whole meal idea thing with a really good Classis Greek Salad (really good) and orzo. This is given out upon request. So make it and enjoy.

-bought some fabric for a new project.

-finished a 3 day week at school!


Back to School

So, I've had my five day weekend and here's how it went down.

Michelle's play went well. This pic is from Saturday night during the "Kaye" scene.
And this is the cast. Look at all the fun characters!
We got to see Dan & Tara's new house in Garden. And I had Brendan and Trevor get in the closet. Then I shut the door and leaned on it. Hmm...they asked Uncle Dan to put me in jail for it. (He's a cop.)
Today I visited Wichita to watch/listen to Jayme's senior concert on her tuba. She did four pieces, all of which sounded great. She said she made some mistakes, but they were still great. This is from the last piece Devil's Herald. She talked about it on her blog. You can listen to a demo of it there too.
And tomorrow I go back to teaching. sigh.


The Fourth Day

Since I have a 5 day weekend (yay) I've gotten to do a lot of fun stuff. I made 6 (finished 5) movement trays for Warhammer. 2 for my Wood Elf Archers and 2 for Shannon's Tomb Kings Archers and 1 for my Vampire Counts Zombies. The last unfinished one is for Shannon's Tomb Kings Spearmen.Then Maria and I drove to Garden City where we watched Michelle's play. I'll post some pics when we get a chance to borrow them from Chris and Jenette. It was fun. I am really proud of her. When I watched my sisters dance (about 8 years ago!) I was so proud I cried. Well, I cried a little for Michelle (& Shannon) Saturday night. :)

Easter was fun. We got to see lots of family. Lots.
  • Gary(Shannon's Dad), Linda, and Shadow
  • Rhonda (Shannon's Mom), Dave, and Michelle
  • Tara (Shannon's Cousin) and Dan
  • Grandma
  • Steve (Shannon's Cousin), Margo, Adam, Morgan, Brooke, and Tate
  • Jeff, Bobbie (Shannon's Cousin), Brendan, Trevor, Macy
  • Wes, Nancy (Shannon's Aunt), Jennifer, Susanah, Emily, Amy, and Jonathan
  • Al, Betty, and Jeremy (Tara's Inlaws)
It was fun. We drove home last night and slept. This morning Shannon and I went to Radina's where he graded tests and I read Junktion. I really like Necromunda.

Well, I checked the grades from the state assessments. The 8th grade average is 64%. The highest grade was a 98.8% and the lowest and 11.6%. That is not as good as I was hoping, but its better than last year (I think).

Now, on to my project that is due tomorrow night.



Michelle's play starts tonight! Actually it started half an hour ago. I am going down to Garden tomorrow to see it.

If you are in Garden City, KS make plans to go see MAD! either Friday or Saturday night at 7:30 in Clifford Hope Auditorium!

Melty M&M's

All my m&m's cracked. I had them in a plastic egg (from school) and they got really warm and melty on the inside and cracked. Hmm.

Also, malty egg things are gross. I ate one thinking it was a peanut butter m&m and almost gagged. I spit it out and still taste grossness. Iew.

Now, on to that 5 day weekend.


Truth Crusade

Shannon and I are playing a Necromunda campaign. I made a blog for it.

The Blood Dragon is Born

A few weeks ago I finished painting one of the two Blood Dragon vampires Shann bought me for Valentines Day. Here is a picture of him. He is part of my Vampire Counts army. He shall give rise to a new bloodline of new units. Such as this converted Black Knight.
Shannon has been working on some Brettonians, and the knight is basically a dead one. So the deal is this. My unit of Black Knights is decendent of Shannon's kings, the same ones that his guys are decent of (that was a really difficult post to find!). So the colors and shields will all match. It will be fun to make a Brettonian Undead army.

More to come!

Ready to Go Home!

I'm just sitting at school waiting until 3:40 so I can leave. Man, during state assessments I can get so much done! I have nothing to grade and not too much to plan for (only 31 days of school left). Oh, but I colored today and made fractal cards. Fun times. We are gonna do them in school sometime in May.

Yay, 3:40, go time!


Recent Events

1. Tomorrow starts state tests. Eek. I predict that our students will average a 65%. We'll see. The state still hasn't (and won't until fall) released its scoring system. Stupid state.

2. While leaving Dillons on Saturday night, Shannon and I saw three people dressed like Vendetta go into Dillons. Cape, hat, white mask. Kinda odd. I guess they would've been asked to take their masks off.

3. Today is Shannon's birthday. Happy Birthday hon!


Zombie Lover

I have a zombie blog, and I put a counter on it, oh, back in February. Well, every now and then I go there and see if anyone else has. Well, since February 22, 2006 only one other person has gone there. And he/she is from England. :)

In other highly-important news, I am wirelessly posting to my blog from someone else's connection with someone eles computer from my house. Yep, it will be nice to have a laptop of my own and wireless in our dinky place.

Tornado Sirens?

Yesterday we had some pretty bad weather. Shannon has a couple of posts about it if you want to see the radar and stuff. Here and here and here. I knew we were supposed to have a storm because of the forcast, but I didn't see the radar until I got home. There were two really big, tornado producing storms north-west and south-east of us. So it looked like Manhattan might be okay. Then a third storm, headed right for us popped up in the middle and came right at us. Shannon and I grabbed our cameras and headed towards Konza by the scenic outlook.

There were about 3 storm-chaser vehicles (with car magnets, whirly things, and all) there. Shannon got out to look at the storm and take some pics and his hat flew off. It was really windy. Well, I got out too and Shannon and I watched the storm rain on distant locations and move quickly towards us. This picture makes it look really bad out (and it was pretty bad). Meanwhile in Manhattan, Shannon and I were safely watching the storm approach, the tornado sirens went off. Apparently the north storm came more south and had tornado with it. Scary. Jenette had to go to the the "shelter" at work (the on-campus day care).

Well our safety didn't last long. Out of the 60+mph winds came 2 rain drops and then 3/4" to 1" hail! No warning, just hard ice balls flying into things and sounding very damaging! Shannon ran to the car and I jogged. I wasn't fast enough. I got pelted 3 times, the head, stomach, and wrist. Then I ran pretty quick and jumped in. Ouch!
Here is the hail.And here is my welt! I'm so dumb. Learn from my lesson, hail outside and you outside? You run to not outside. It still is red today. But I'm fine.

After about 2 1/2 minutes of intense hail and 82mph winds, it calmed down, except for the wind, and we drove home. It was pretty scary. The hail hit our car hard, nothing broke, but that could be because Shannon angled the car so that the hail hit at an angle instead of dead on.

Fun times.



I keep getting these dizzy spells. They are pretty light, and last for a while. It kinda sucks. I am not sure why and I don't know how to get rid of it.


Pimento Olive Tea

Does that sound good? Probably not. I think it's gross, and that is why I don't like red tea. So, world. NEVER buy me red tea. I do not like it. At all.


Gate Crashers

So, Shannon and I are playing some Necromunda. I made a Golaith gang, the Gate Crashers. They've played to fights, and so far have lost them both, lost a ganger after one game, and lost their leader after both. Great. The Gate Crashers, suck.

In happier Necromunda news, I finished painting my last Rouge Escher.
Now I'm going to try and redeem anything I can for the Gate Crashers.