To New Jersey and Back

I went to New Jersey to visit may family about a week ago. It was great fun! Everyone looks really good and seems pretty happy. I finally got to meet my cousin's son, Tommy. He's a pretty cool kid. He's almost 2, and a cutie.

My cousins threw a birthday party for Nicole. That was cute. Half-way though singing to her, she started to "sing" with us.

My grandpa looks good. My cousin Kat is having a baby boy in about 2 months. She looks pregnant, but good.

It was a good time. I have a lot of pictures from it, but my internet connection is quite slow so the pictures are taking forever to upload.


Walking to School

On my way to school today, I was lucky enough to catch a prize. I'm not really sure why I won it, but I did.


Saturday I go here. Not because New Jersey cool, heavens no. But because I have basically all of my mom's side of the family there. I haven't been to Jersey in about 3 years! I've never even met my cousin's son, Tommy, whom you may recall. He's almost 2! Jeepers.

I'm glad I'm going. I look forward to seeing everyone!

Beat Manhattan's

Shannon, Jenette, Michelle, and I went to a Junction City Generals game last Friday. The game was fine. I brought my latest knitting project with me and was greeted by the General himself.
After the game, fireworks. JC style. They were wonderful! So much sparkle and cool explosions. They also had these neat turret things that shot of pretty fans of fire. Bravo Junction. Bravo.



We played disc golf on Sunday. It was getting dark and I was trying to do the second to last whole (which I suck at). I threw my disc, into a tree. It stayed there, in the tree. Then the rest of the gang threw and Michelle's got stuck in the same tree.
They were up pretty high. We got a stick stuck in the tree too trying to get the discs out. But then Chris (cut hand and all) decided he'd climb the tree and shake the discs out. After much hanging and jumping and shaking and hanging, but no free discs, we resorted to handing Chris sticks to throw while in the tree at the discs. This was kinda awkward* to watch. But eventually they managed to get the discs out.

Needless to say, Michelle and I suffered a penalty then proceeded to do not-our-best on the rest of the hole.

*Awkward is an incredibly dumb looking word.

But She's Still Happy

So, at the mall on Sunday, they had some elementary school art posters hung. This one stuck me as funny. It was a series of life vests, too big, just right, and this one above, too small. It's great because even though she can't breath, she's still got a huge smile on her face. She's just happy to be in the water.

That's about 60 doughnut holes

Last night we make a ceremonial trip to Daylight Doughnuts around 1:30 am. What what to be found there? This honkin' huge doughnut.

Chris bought it, looked very comical picking it up to eat it, and then had Michelle finish it.



It has been Friday since Wednesday. Michelle came up and it just felt like the weekend. Then after a lousy dream about teaching Wednesday night, I woke up Thursday morning to an unhappy alarm clock sound and said to myself, "Why is the alarm going off? It's Saturday." So sad that it wasn't true.

So I trudged through Thursday. Shannon continually reminding me that the next day was Saturday. All the while it not being Saturday the next day.

Then today, it is finally Friday. Perhaps my week has been so misguided because today is Friday the 13th??


B. Fleischmann

I got my CD yesterday. We ordered it from Amazon a while ago with our free points from our credit card. Woo hoo.

It's B. Fleischmann, The Humbucking Coil. It's pretty good. I like the first and third songs the best.

I heard of them through Pandora. If you like music, you should check out Pandora. It's a smart internet radio. You tell it music you like (say Lemon Jelly) and it produces a whole station of similar music.

Custom Labels

With the guidance of Grumperina and the aid of Maria and her printer, I've made my own custom labels. I. am. psyched!

I've finished a few, and attached one to my pirate bag. If you get something from me that has them, don't iron the tags.


Mr. Roboto

We had our second test last Friday in the class I teach. For extra credit they had the following:

With the release of Transformers, the statistics department has decided they need a robotic weapon of statistics instruction.

Draw this robot and give him a name.

Just about all of them looked the same.


Squirrel Chasing

Yesterday Shannon and I wondered what a certain squirrel would do if chased up the fire exit at Dickens. Well, if you notice, we got distracted by a large bird perched on the railing. I couldn't get a good pic, but Shannon got a better one. I don't know what kind of bird it is, but is is rather large and squirrel-scaring looking.

The squirrel ran all the way up to the top and then sat on a window sill.


I'm Sew Happy.

Saying that (the post title) reminds me of Robin Hood: Men in Tights. I remember that movie being rather fun. Hmm.

Anyways. I've been sewing a lot, particularly yesterday. I made a 4th of July table cloth. It was inspired by my favorite country, USA, and some stars and stripes fabric I had.

Then I finally finished putting the zipper in Shannon's pants. I had started this about, oh, a long time ago. Now he can wear them and they will stay on. Or so we think.

Keeping to the "Pants!" theme, I took a previously ugly pair of blue corduroys and made them, well, that's debatable. I would say awesomer, but some may say uglier. I suppose there may be other opinions too, but either way, I will actually wear them now. (I put the poo colored stripe in the legs.)

As a dramatically polka-dotted end to "Pants!", I put a fantabulous idea into effect. My favorite jeans are getting weak in the knees. I bought these groovy, purple polka-dot iron on patches and put them on the inside of my pants. Unfortunately, I put one of them on a little too high, but we'll see. Even if I only extended their life by one washing, that's one washing well worth it.



Summer of Sewing

Shannon has been working on two things at once. One is just researching alchemy to create one of his costume's books. The other is making a rather interesting alchemy game. It uses the above pieces.

While he's been doing that, I've been working on his robe for the alchemist costume. Above is a portion that shows off the awesome fabric. It uses SO much of it too. Everything is gathered, the sleeves, the front, the back, it's huge.

The other thing I've been working on is Nicole's birthday outfit. I have it basically done. It just needs some finishing touches. Shannon is modeling the hat. It needs ruffle and elastic still. But either way, it's gonna be way to big for that little girl's head.


So, I went back to finish that puzzle, so we can all see that Julia was right, it turned into a leg. But I go this instead. the bottom 16 lines have been removed! I guess I wasn't the only person that noticed something funny with this one!

Caramel High Rise

Caribou Coffee is open in the Union. I treated myself to a drink and a slice of lemon poppyseed bread today after class.


What have they done!?

Recently, while wasting my valuable time, I did this Conceptis puzzle (partly done). I think they may have gone too far.