Petri: Twice Captured, Once Rescued

That is the story. Two battles, both a resce. Petri of Volund Thor was rescued the first time. Volund Thor snuck* around and KOed a couple of Trench men. Then fired some crappy shots, sounded the alarm and ran.

However, they took Pench with them. So Trench tried to rescue Pench. Not quite as lucky with the dice. The alarm was sounded and Pench not rescued. But good ol' Petri managed to get captured again. Agh...

So we traded juves and all was well.

*snuck...what an odd word. I thought it may be snuk (which looks crazy) but Newgen knew how to spell it. Thanks!

Girly Day

minus a skirt

I have just painted my nails groovy pink. I have my hair clean (fancy that) and I did the stereotypical girl thing of cleaning the house. Not all of it, but enough of it.


Day off...nice...

Today I have no school...I don't even have to drive there to do SLC's or anything! And, I have everything for Monday planned...sweet.

Today I woke up, after sleeping to 8 wonderful 30 that is! Then I had some tea, ate some oatmeal, drove Shannon to school at about 10:15. We had to get gas...then I dropped him off.

Then I went to the bank and made our monthly deposit. I took out some cash so our envelope doesn't feel lonely. Then I went to Wal-Mart and bought some stuff. I got NAIR BODY WX (I've tried many types and we'll see if this one is good), 20OZ CANDLE (I know February is almost over, but the Apricot-Mango candle falls into February smells and smells great!), LIP BALM (which is kinda misleading...its more like lip-number. I have cold sores and this stuff is supposed to help), FLAIR FASHIO (they are some cool colored pens for grading), and a gift for Shannon. I almost stopped at Sonic on the way back, but I'd rather go with Shannon.

Today, I need to write my papers and grade and paint and play necromunda. Fun.


2_12_05 Hockey Turney 012

2_12_05 Hockey Turney 012
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This is a good one. We were at our turny on the 12th. Aaron was...not sure what. Giving the red tape to Ty maybe...?...Anyway.

We got the cot and Chris and Shannon moved it to the balcony. Which is funny for multiple reasons, one it fit and two it was outside!

So Aaron called for a cot (b/c he doesn't know its outside). No one told him not to, so they brought a second one, thinking we are bad the whole time. When Aaron found out, he was POed! I was half asleep, but I still knew he was mad. I think its funny still, but I can see why he was upset. (But funny still)

Gas Sign

Gas Sign
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While driving to Lawrence we saw a frickin' huge gas station sign. It was on a semi-trailor. We passed it and then we slowed down and Shanno took a picture of it. It's fun.

1/2 Day

There is more I could mention about my class, but I have work to do for it and when I think about the class I just get mad and don't do it. So I will instead talk of today.

Student conferences were fine. Only 1 of 2 showed up. Made the 8th grade formative, and planned 8th grade out for a few days solid and a few weeks kinda scratchy.

7th grade is fartin' along. Not too well though, we are all in different spots and I feel inferior to Angie and Memory :( They are the other two seventh grade teachers. Anyways...

Shannon declined my invite for lunch, how sad. But I do understand. And I still like him. ^_^

Ack...I have to go write some papers for my class. Two are late and one will be on time. I'm so bad!


Student Lead Conferences

Today, and last Monday as well, and tomorrow too, were, are SLC's. Monday's went fine. Today's went fine, and I'm sure tomorrow's will go fine as well. No crying so far this time ^_^ And that is exceptionally strange because Beverly and her mom came around for visits, but didn't come to me...not sure why...strange indeed! No complaints though. :)

I did suceed in getting one student to come to PM Academy to read his RC so he can pass. All good grade except that stupid 'F' in Reading Counts! They another student and her mother came, my last scheduled for the day. We talked for about 45 minutes about stuff. It was nice. I like her and her mom, nice people. The coolest part, they had a random kid that the younger son picked up from the skate park. So, if Brian Hulley's parents are looking for him, check with Ashley. :) Kinda funny.

Catching up on my week...not to long of one.

My multicultural issues in teaching class is l-a-m-e. So stupid. Things are said that need not be said. And things are overlooked that need be said. Allow me to illustrate.

Multicultural Highlight Reel: February 22, 2005

Number 1:
After taking a test that was based on Austrialian culture, "The Original Australina Test of Intelligence", the comment was made, "Now we know why kids are not doing well on their exams." No! Bad! Do you think the 7th grade students at JCMS are not meeting AYP because we are not teaching them the material! Bull! (and I am almost mad enough to say the rest!) I work my butt off to teach these kids, the reason they pass the test is because it is a hard test over content that they should not be forced to know. If she would have taught us the content before giving us the "test" then we would have gotten more than 1 of 10 correct! Piss me off...

Number 2:
While discussing our answers to question 9 of "The Chitling Intelligence Test" we recieved the comment "In the black community, they've never watched West Side Story." Wow...what a stereotypical comment. Wow. First of all, there are two right answers. Yes, one may be less correct, but it is not fully wrong. I put (b) one of the gangs in "West Side Story" which is basically true...but she said no it was (c). Which is fine. I don't care about getting the question right or wrong, but what a horrible comment to make! Blacks haven't seen the movie? Geez...

Number 3:
During a discussion on the lack of multicultural opportunites and the abundance of racism at a certain local high school, there were a couple of highlights. The first is another glorious quote. "When zero's onn the clock, we become a segrated country all over again." This is in refernce to how sports create diversity for breif periods of time in the school year. Man, that one hurts. That means that while we are out there doing our thing (thinking of JCMS) we are segregating our students. You know, I almost buy that...wait...wait...I don't. Just because sports do a good job of bringing together Blacks and Whites, does not mean it diversifies. What about all the Asian's and Hispanic's that play basketball and football... ... ... Yeah. And, if you feel America is still a segrated country, well...I don't know what to say. I really don't believe we are.

Number 3.5:
They also complained that a certain high school's administration had clashing ideas about the percent of minorites that participated in sports. Superintendients said 30-40%. Althletic directors said 10-15%, and in "actuality" (from class) there are only 5%. Well, that sounds really bad...and it may be. But, without something to compare it to, its meaningless. What percentage of said school is minorities? Here is what I have found to compare it too...at this high school about 20% enrolled are of minorites. So, the superintendients guess is way high, the athletic directors are pretty close, and the classmate was low. Who was correct? Not sure, but I would guess it is safe to say, athletic directors probablly kow the most about the althetics, so they are probably correct, so the numbers aren't too much off. But this is not "OK"ed by Shanno.

okay...to bed i must go...i am tired...


Playing Necromunda

It's been a while, but here it goes...Necromunda time. I've played two games, and lost them both so far. Wonderful. Going on a third game and hopin' for a win.

Oh weekend, how I love thee. I have been so busy with hockey and teaching, not quite school so much, because that is not the most important. Me is. :)

Not so much to say, life is going well and hopefully I'll win a game!



I strongly dislike Wednesday's. Not only are they after Tuesdays, but they are long, and in the middle of the week, and not fun.

Not to mention that I don't like this Wednesday...argh.

Anyway, I am home, grades are done...and I am not in the mood to do too much, so I'm gonna have some tea.


Multicultural Awareness??

Class was very interesting, in that I am not like the rest of the class. We talk about multicultural education (MCEd) and discuss various questions. Today we discussed a couple of topics worth mentioning.

First, Dr. Stoney commented that she read an article in the KC Star last week and was surprised/disappointed in its content. The article went about to say that blacks are less associating themselves as African-Americans, and more as black Americans. She felt this meant that they were losing their ancestory, and was in turn semi-offended. I feel that this means blacks are becoming more of America and less of a subgroup in America; just as they should. I am not against someone who wants connections to their heritage, but you should have stronger connections to your country, espically being 3rd or more generations. I am second generation in America, so I could call myself and Italian-American, but I prefer to just be American.

Second, we discussed where our MCEd started. For about 2/3's of the class, they said they weren't really around other races until college, at K-State. Wow, but coming from many small Kansas towns, its understandable. I must be lucky however. I remember being in NYC and having Hispanic next door neighbors with childrin about my age and playing with them (most of my memories are based off of pictures). Then I moved to Prompton, with 'bout 2 black families in the 20 mile radius. But in Garden, wow, talk about multi-racial! There were about 40% Mexicans when I was there, up to about 50% now (I think). There are also other races, multiple Asians, Blacks, Latinos, and Whites too! That was very diverse. But being at Junction/Manhattan is very diverse as well. Anyways, my point is that I am an exception to the group. One of the few who wasn't multiculturally deprived till early 20's and I'm not black! (the rest of the 1/3 that was in the same above mentioned group was about 2/3's black)

The third thing is something that is more...well, not as main-stream. Dr. Stoney asked us what our schools were doing to deal with MCEd. Someone from Topeka 501 told her story about monthly (I think) reports, another complained of how the school she subbed in still had up Kansas Day bulliten boards, even though we are 1/2 way into Black History Month. We (the JC people) were then asked what Junction City was doing. The other teacher from JC, didn't really say anything, so I spoke up. I said we didn't really do anything. Dr. Stoney was surprised, but really, I don't think we need to do anything. Not that I don't believe in cultures, but if the point of MCEd is to treat all to an equal education, then we shouldn't be focused on their cultures. Eventually, if everyone treated everyone the same and had the same view of themselves as others, we would be the culture of America. Wow, a shocking idea. But really, at Junction we don't celebrate Cinco de Mayo, or do much for Black History Month, or Christmas, or Thanksgiving for that matter. If you want equal education, you need to become an equal.

Hehh...that is more than I've posted ever....and probably for a while....Besides that, good day, sore leg from hockey and I have stuff to grade.


Crimsyn Nicole

Crimsyn Nicole
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This is too fun! I made me a Necromunda model, and the most awesomest one at that!

Math Dojo Logo

Math Dojo Logo
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Again, here is a logo I made using LogoYes. Kinda fun and really easy to use.

Professional Development, how I love thee...

Today I have an "inservice" type thing here in Manhattan, tomorrow too. The wonderfuler thing is that today's doesn't start until 1:00 and I have off until then! Sweet!

So what I've accomplished, I woke up, drove Shanno to school, at some honey-nut "cheerios", am drinking some tea, and eventually I'll take a shower and do some grading and painting. Sounds fabulous!


Snowed Tree

Snowed Tree
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It snowed all day today, and I still had school!


The snow really picked up while driving to school. Almost too much to see. But it is slick and I wish they would let school out! Maybe even not have it. Doubt it much. The storm doesn't look too big in the radar, so the snow probably won't be too bad. That's sad, not only do I like the snow, I like not having school. ^_^


Go Patriots!

Argh! I just deleted my post. So the shortened version, I am glad the Patriots won. I am glad I do not have school today. I am glad that we played good hockey this weekend. I do not like UMSL. I like Shannon.

So today, I will try to accomplish some of the followiong:
1. Make an eye doctor appointment for Shannon.
2. Do some laundry.
3. Wax my legs.
4. Grade some papers.
5. Do some planning.
6. Paint ???
7. Clean a little.

We'll see how much I actually get done :) I'm good at slacking off!

Toots...until next time....




it is morning and I am fine. Today we are doing RC all day, so I have no planning! Yahooie! So, today I plan to grade like crazy! I also have to plan for Tuesday and copy tests and WS's for next week...

Last night we made our cookies, or at least about 3/4 of them. We finished the Eagles and got the Pats based frosted and faced. See here for further visual aids. I baked, Shannon, Jenette, Chris, and Aaron all frosted. It goes so much much faster with more people frosting. But let me tell you, the Eagles wings, they're crazy! We will post a pic later so you can see both completed projects, but man, that must have been hard. I didn't do any frosting at all :D

Off to do more teacher-y things than blog about SuperBowl cookies!


So Tiring.

Today was not fun. Remind me, the next time its review time, screw the round robin thing, I hate. I'm doing worksheets.

Today Jake shared his opinion with me. He said, "It's kinda hard. We've used the book all these years, and now we don't. It makes it hard." Me too man, me too. I am seriously considering using the book for the next section. I am having such a hard time covering everything. I think I will just use it for worksheets and pacing. Man...I am so tired today. I almost want to cry. It is just so frustrating having to explain the same thing over and over, day after day...I'm tired...and ready to go to bed.


Similar Figures - Activity A Gizmo | ExploreLearning

Similar Figures - Activity A Gizmo | ExploreLearning

Here is an activity I will use with my seventh graders...hopefully.

"I can't do it."

How many times did I hear that or a variation of it today...sheesh. It is so extremely frustrating how so many students can be such lousy problem solvers. There is so much to fix and so little time and reason to fix it. I wish the students would just try. They expecet to be handed everything and not have to do anything but just use their calcuator to solve. I hate it. I really do. And then the stupid Renisanse cards have "free assignment passes" on them. Yeah...it is so annoying! ARRGH!

Anyways. I have to go to class...so see you. Hopefully that isn't quite as draining!


Wow, hockey was not only fun, but really rough tonight. I kept getting stomach pains. Jenette said that in Sim World, I am either pregnant, or food poisened. I hope its neither! :)

NoChildLeftBehind is a crummy system. I mean, at JCMS, the black sub-group is the one that is failing. And after giving my released items test to the seventh graders, I saw the same trends. Its kinda sad...but I don't know what to do. My theory is that the reason the black males can't do well, is because all the math teachers at JCMS are young white females. Kinda the opposite of them. I would guess it's hard for them to see how its relevent to them, even if they don't know it, I'm sure it has some type of subconscious effect. Eh...that's life...

Tired, and bed sounds good. night.