Just So You Know

I'm really tired. Woke up at 6:00 knowing full well that I had a really long day ahead of me. I was gone till 9:45. I am so glad this is my last year teaching, student lead conferences are SO long!


Women in the Olympics

I just learned some stuff. Women have competed in the Olympics since the 1920's, making up only 5% of the participants. This year, they are about 38% of the participants and the only event that doesn't have a women's counterpart is ski jumping. They felt it was bad for a woman's health. But, as long as they get it in by 2007, the 2010 Winter Olympics will probably have women's ski jump.

Can't Talk

I never realized how involuntary most of talking is. But Thursday and Friday I lost my voice (perhaps today too, I haven't tried yet). It sucks trying to keep 4 classes of 23 8th graders on task when you can't get their attention. Sigh. Well, I felt fine. But having to try so hard to talk audibly gave me a headache. Hopefully today I can talk. If nothing else, I'm sure I won't have to talk as much.


I knew it all along.

Your walk is:
Pimp/Thug Styles


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Did you know?

If you double right click a magnifing window appears? Maybe it's just Firefox, but its fun.


My (un)Productiveness

Last weekend yeilded...Note the hand-made dreds. Inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean. Note his parrot. I must say, most of this converting is my first attempts. And remember, its a zombie parrot.And my happy little Wood Elf herd. Note the spite. I think he looks a bit evil in the pic below.

What common thread ties these pictures together?


American Hockey

The problem with the USA Ice Team in the Olympics is that is it composed of players from teams i really don't like. Mike Modano of the Dallas Stars and Chris Chelios of the Detroit Red Wings. It's an ugly thing to cheer for.


Crazy Story

In case you don't keep up with my ol' friend Juila, perhaps you should. Just once. Check it out.

Oh Students

I'm usually called Ms. D, or Mrs. Dick, or a combo of the two. But today, I was called something new. Mrs. Dickizzle. I just smiled.


Do you know?

What do these pictures have in common?


Happy Vappy Day

Yeah, I know it's a day late. But I'm a busy woman. Juice of 6 pomegranates to drink, leather of apricot to eat, Smart Puffs to locate, and meat to eat. Oh, let us not forget the Blood Dragon to paint. (thanks to Shannon).

This is definately not a zombie monkey or a ninja monkey, but heart monkey is fitting for yesterday.

So this morning a packed up the leftovers from On The Border for lunch. I put them in a Wal-Mart bag with coke and a fork. I said, "Now don't forget this Nicole. It's not in your normal lunch bag." Well. I finished getting ready, went to carpool and then said, "Dang it. I forgot it." So I didn't eat lunch today. :(



Well, yesterday was our last hockey game of the regular season. All we have left is 2 exhbition games and regionals. Up until last weekend he hadn't tied or won a single game. Got close a few times, and played better and better each weekend, but no wins or ties. Well, Saturday 2/11 versus SouthEast Missouri, we finally got a win! It was almost a shut-out, but SEMO scored one goal. WE did a good job and Truman's goalie came by and congratualted us and Josh (our goalie). In the game, the refs said one of our men covered the puck in the crease (which you can't do). So SEMO was allowed a penalty shot. We were really mad and worried. But Josh stopped it without any problems. So it was a pretty fun game.

If you want to come watch the K-State team, on Saturday 25 we are playing at 11pm in KC and then Sunday 26 in northern KC at 10am.

I have off today, and that is wonderful.


Torino 2006 - Winter Olympics

We are watching the Opening Ceremonies for the 2006 Winter Olympics. They are in Torinio, Italy. It is a city in the north-western part of the country. Well, yeah it's a big city, but I have family there and my Grandpa (G-paps) grew up in a small mountain town called Ponzone that is pretty close to it. It's hard to see in the map I found. But if you look to the southwest of Torino, you see the small town of Ponzone. Yay! Fun.

Rock the Dragon

What do you think this means? All I can think of is Dragon Ball Z Rubicon (yes, rubicon).




Congratulations Steelers. A 6th seed winning every game in their play-offs, all away, including the Superbowl. Great! One comment. A radio show host commented about this being Superbowl XL. He said it was the stupidest thing. He didn't like the XL part. Well, he'll have to take that up with the Romans.


Yay for Jayme!

Today is my sister Jayme's birthday. Happy Birthday Jayme!

She is pregnant too. Due early this August. Yay birthday.