So, the city of Tulsa does own at least one salt truck. Too bad he was just driving around and showing off his salt (which he had a lot of). Because he wasn't using it.

I guess information that the storm is coming 2 days ahead and then witnessing drizzle at the very beginning while watching the radar and noticing a storm building up right over Tulsa isn't enough reason to actually salt the roads. Maybe the city is waiting to see how many highways they can close and how many accidents they can have. Then, when everyone is already home from work and school, then we might* salt the roads.

*I'm guessing not.


Happy Graduation

For my graduation my Aunt Diana gave me a gift card. Shannon and I finally used it, 8 months after I received it. We did an excellent job of spending just under the amount without really trying. After we paid and used a 1$ off coupon, we had about 1.50$ left on the card. What did we get?

Well, basically we got some shelves. We needed another bookshelf for Shannon's office. No pics of that, but you can probably guess what it looks like. We actually could use one more.

Then we got some shelves for our games. We bought one a while back in Jardine, but it was looking quite full.

So we wanted to get another one. You know, so all of our games could fit on the shelf without having some on the floor and stacked almost to the ceiling and well, just randomly put in a spot where they would fit.

So we did. And they were on sale to make it even sweeter. So now all of our games are nicely organized onto two large shelves, with a cute little one next door for other random gaming things, like scenery.

It's nice to have things organized and stowed.


The Window

Next step, tape.

60 Years

Today the Arizona Cardinals won the NFC Championship game. They are playing in the SuperBowl on February 1st (Jayme's birthday)! Sweet!

Also, I finished painting 3 models this weekend. One is a Space Marine captain (or something).

The other two started out with the intentions of being Black Knights. But after looking at the models (a mix of Vampire Counts skeletons and Brettonian knights) and reading the details on Blood Knights, I think I've made Blood Knights. Now I have a unit of 4, which is the minimum for Blood Knights. Here's one I painted a while ago. And the musician.

I also finished a marsh and a swamp. The difference is that swamps usually have more trees whereas marshes have bushes and other grass type-growth.



I've been kinda down lately. So I've tried to work on fun/useful things while at home. Since this weekend I've...
  • Packed up our Christmas decor. We have about 4x more stuff then when we lived in Jardine.
  • Finished painting some Goblin-themed barricades. I built them a long time ago and just finished them this last weekend.
  • Built a marsh and a swamp for Warhammer. The are at home now letting the "water" dry.
  • Worked more one my mom's stained glass window. I have almost all of the glass cut now.

And to make things even more smile-worthy, I got a call from my littlest sister today. She and her buddy will be coming to Tulsa on Sunday. Because on Monday they are driving to go pick up her new puppy!! Aw!!


It's been 8 years.

I've played inline hockey for about 10 years now. I play defense, so mostly I'm stopping goals and not scoring goals. But it's not uncommon for a defensive player to score a goal every now and then. Heck, at K-State a good deal of our goals were scored from defense. But I haven't scored a goal when score was being kept in at least 8 years. I've gotten close, but never done it. (I bet you know where this is going).

Yesterday our hockey league had playoffs. We lost our first game and then an hour later played again. In the middle of the second half, I scored a goal! I was so happy! I don't think other people there (besides my husband) knew just how great it was for me to score a goal, after an 8 year drought. But I did it! I made the game 5-2 with us in the lead!

At the end of our game the score was 5-4, us. Our team ended up taking 4th place (out of 6). We probably should have done better, but we didn't. Shannon pointed out to me that I scored the game winning goal. Neato.

Now I can roll another 5 or so years without a goal and be happy (ish).


New Art

For my birthday my mom got me the goods to do stained glass projects again. I took a class 7ish years ago and said that when I had a garage, I would do stained glass at home.

Now I have a garage and I do stained glass at home. In the dinette area off my kitchen.

The first project on the list is an almost 3' by 3' window for my mom for above her garage. That's it about 1 week ago. I've got a lot more pieced cut for it now. My Aunt Diana might remember those beveled pieces.

The Second Half of Christmas

In Tulsa's Whole Foods, we met up with Chris and Jenette. We bought some foods and began to celebrate Christmas Eve and day again. We made lots of yummy food and played some games and did more gifting! It was rather fun.

On Saturday, we ate at Casa Bonita in Tulsa! Crazy! It's not as big as the one in Denver, but it's done in the same fashion. It was groovy. I would really like to go there with Nikki, Jay. So, we need to get on planning a trip. Like I said, we played games. We played Ticket to Ride twice over the weekend (pictured below) and Formula De once. Both good games. Although TtR is a really good game.

Sunday was hockey, a ref vs. player fight (including hockey stick to the head accompanied by blood, I'm making it sound a lot less big-of-a-deal than it was), Boomer-Q, hanging with Rhonda and Michelle (because Nette and Chris had to head home), and some poor Bronco football.


Happy Elephant

By the powers of yesterday and today combined, I present to you, awkward elephant! Happy Tuesday!


Panera Bug

Meet the little fella who was chillin' in my Chicken Salad Sandwich lettuce at Panera. Iew.


HMS Knocker

The pirate islands of Snotiva are proud to announce the coronation of their first origami ship, Her Mighty Snot Knocker.

Guess who has a page-a-day origami calendar?

Paper Cup.

Happy 2009. Holy cow. It's 2009. The future is almost here! This past New Year's Eve was the first one Shannon and I have spent alone in a really long time. Possibly ever. It wasn't bad though. There was fondue, Formula De, and sparkling cider (thanks Charity and Corey).

Then yesterday we kicked off the new year by saying farwell to Charity. She is off to Florida for more school. We went with her and one of her friends to see Slum Dog Millionaire. I didn't really have any expectations, I've heard it was good though. It was good. I'm really glad I went to see it (plus it was free, thanks Charity). There are a lot of things in the movie that made me think about how nice my own life is and how much of it I take for granted.