K-State Wildcats

I'm not much of a basketball fan. Well, that's an understatement. I don't like basketball at all really. But that doesn't stop me from liking my school doing well.

Tonight K-State played KU here in Manhattan. KU is undefeated this season, both in Big XII and overall. They are ranked #2 in the nation. K-State is ranked #24 and is also undefeated in the Big XII, but not overall. So tonight's game was going to be good. A lot of students waited at Bramlage (our arena) instead of going to classes today. This game was a big deal.

Well. It just ended and we won. We won! We beat KU 84-75! That is really awesome. KU is a basketball school (despite their BCS bowl game appearence). So to beat them at their game in our home, awesome. What makes it more awesome? We haven't beaten KU at home in 25 years. 25 years. That means I was 1 year old last time we beat them at home. Crazy.

So yeah. I'm not much of a squeaky ball fan, but I am really proud of my school beating KU.


1800 Square Feet

This last weekend Mom, Jayme, and Nicki came up for Jayme and Maria's birthdays. Went out to eat a few times, sat around and played the Wii a bit, and saw Matt's house. Matt (Maria's boyfriend) has been building himself his first house. I think that is really cool. He and some buddies work on it, about all the time. This was the first time I got to see it. It's not done, but there is a lot of it done. Here is a picture Maria took of them laying some tile in the kitchen. When we saw it on Sunday, the cabinets were up in the kitchen too.

Matt is on the left with his dog Zeus next to him.

On Sunday we ate at La Fiesta for dinner. Yummy quesadillas there! Nicki ate some lemon and it was rather entertaining to watch her. She appears to like it though. She throws a few smiles in there between the silly faces.


Happy 21st!

Yesterday was my little sister Maria's 21st birthday. (I would post a link to her blog, but she hasn't posted in about a year.) She isn't really that young anymore. She is still little though. So, Happy Birthday Maria!


Bear Family

I stumbled upon this picture while looking at places that made custom wedding dresses. The company is Sew Original. If anyone knows why this family would do this, please share.


Effective Collections

This morning I went to a seminar presented at Manhattan Medical Associates office on Effective Collections. The company presenting was Account Recovery Specialists Inc., and the presenters were Sally and my mom!! Mom gives lots of seminars for ARSI, I've never had the chance to go. But giving one in the town I live in on a day that I didn't have anything else to do, it was the perfect time.

I'm glad I went to. It was a short seminar, only about 1 hour and 20 minutes, where they are usually 2 and a half hours long. But it was still interesting. Since I don't know, mm...basically anything about what she does, it was neat to listen to some really basic info.

One thing I did learn about is PIP. I'm sure some of you may know more, but PIP insurance is personal injury protection insurance. And if you are an insured Kansas driver, you have it. Not all states have it, but here in KS, it applies to any no-fault motor vehicle accident. It will pay for up to 4500$ in medical expenses. Crazy. I'm sure there's way more to it, but still, I didn't know about it.

I learned other things too, and I'm glad I went. As for the Hallmark interview. I studied for no reason. The closest thing I got was, "What's your favorite statistical method?" It was good though. We'll see. If they call back and offer a day of interviews then I'll go and we'll just see what comes of it all.


Hallmark Interview

Tomorrow I have a telephone interview with Hallmark. I am studying for it now. Eee.


It's Time...

I set a goal for myself while in Garden this break. I decided that I could and would beat DDR Hottest Party before school started again. The last thing to do was to beat a boss in a battle. I had to get 3 or fewer boo's on basic or higher. The song was a 6 (out of 10) flame song. I had not done great.

Being the dork I am, I kept track of my number of boo's the last few time I tried to play. I got 28, 14, 6, 20, 9, 7, 6, 11, 11, 9, 22, 7, 8 14, and 16. Not good enough. So today I played some more. I got 6, 10, 11, and 2! Woo hoo! Low enough.

But my score didn't beat his. So sad. But, not a quitter I tried again.

Again 2 boo's! And this time I was good enough! Woo hoo! I got the credits, I beat the game!

Spirit Host

I finished painting some spirit host bases for my Vampire Counts army. I decided I'd use the Empire Flagellants models for my ghosts instead of the models Games Workshop puts out for them. Not only do they look cooler, the Empire models match my Empire Black Knights. Also, the GW models only show 3 attacks per base, they actually have 4.

So here are my new Spirit Host swarms!! (when I get a better pic...)

I've also included a set of how they progressed. From white to green to lighter green to lighter green to done.


House Hunting

Jenette and Chris have been looking at houses to buy here. Now that she has a job starting in the summer and they know they will be living here, they plan to get a house! We just got back from looking at some fun ones, such as the Doll House, the Lake House, the Dead House, the Awesome House, and the First House.

The Doll house is gray and purple (go K-State). It is decorated a lot, like a doll house. The Lake House is, well, by the lake. It is 25 minutes away and kinda small. The Dead House is creepy. There is a little ladder in one of the closets. If you look at the top, there is a hatch and a sign that says "There is nothing up here. Stay out." Then we noticed that that was the only closet in the house that locked. It has has a giant old meat freezer in the basement and a lot of creepy, dead vibes. The Awesome House is pretty awesome. It's big and the best they've seen so far. The First House is just a house. Nothing too good or bad about it.

But all this house-ing reminded me of a something Shannon and I happened upon. A possible job would be in Tulsa, OK. So every now and then we look at houses available there. Well. We found one for 105K. It has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 stories, a fireplace, a basement, a 2 car garage, and is over 2000 square feet! And it's cute (above) and it's very, very close to where our jobs would be. So it's a winner in almost every way!

Mom then suggested to check out the crime statistics for that area. So we did. There is one homicide in that area. And we are pretty sure it took place in this house. Shannon did some searching and found a few articles on it and it sounds a lot like this is the place. Here are two articles, this one and this one. That sucks.


The Third Christmas

Christmas and New Years in Wichita with my mom, sister, and niece was fun. Nicole is getting big. She is learning to say more and that is really useful. She's adorable.

We had Christmas on Saturday with some delicious gnocci and wine sauce. Jayme did a really good job on the sauce. And it's always good to each gnocci! We opened gifts and then just chilled. Mom got me a stand mixer. A really cool one. I love it and can't wait until I have a kitchen that I can use it in!We even to got to spend some time with Andy. Shannon and he watched a few bowl games and played Wii inbetween. The girls watched home movies upstairs. That was a blast. And mom and Jay, make sure you keep up the work and finish all the tapes.

New Years was good too. We made a bunch of dips. Crab dip, turkey salad (not really a dip), hummus, queso, and salsa verde. Mmm....mmm....We made a bunch of noise at midnight, then cleaned up and went to sleep.


Christmas Part 2

While in GC, we didn't take many pictures. We had a great time with extended family. Christmas was fun at Rhonda's. Then we headed to Grandma Fuller's for lunch and family. There was ham loaf, rumors of undercooked ham loaf, doodle bears, Wii, dog piles and more!

The kids are all getting so big. It's fun to talk to them and watch them play. The next day we went to Bobbie and Jeff's for some chili and some more games. There were many games to be had in Garden, on the Wii and off.

We left of Friday and headed to Wichita for one last Christmas celebration with my mom and sister this time. Oh, I almost forgot!! For the Christmas Eve service, Shannon wore his black suit from Rhonda and Dave's wedding. He hasn't worn it in a while so, we checked to make sure it still fit.

It did.