A Little Elbow Paint

This weekend Mom and Rhonda came to T-town to help around the house.

It all started in the kitchen. Shannon and I already removed the border, now it was just a matter of deciding on paint colors and painting the room. We ended up painting the walls in the dining area green and the walls in the kitchen brown. The ceiling we painted a lighter brown in both rooms. It matches the floor really well and the blue/gray in the hall really well too.

Since we finished that on Saturday, we made plans to hang the light in the dining room and put in a dimmer switch on Sunday. The other thing we did on Saturday was the only thing that we said we had to get done this weekend.

About two weeks ago our garbage disposal just pooped out on us and quit. So Shannon and decided we'd just buy a new one and install it while our moms where here. So we told the moms about it Friday (when they got it) and they said that our home-owners warranty would cover it. Well that was a lot cheaper. 75$ for them to do it all instead of 200+$ for us to have to do it. Yay. Then on Saturday, after we painted and were admiring our work, Rhonda got to talking with Shannon about the garbage disposal. They did some things involving an allen wrench and pushing really hard. They plugged it back it and turned it on and it worked! Rhonda knew how to fix our garbage disposal for free!

On Sunday, we headed out to Lowe's go get what we needed for the dimmer switch and ended up buying paint for our master bathroom. When we got back to the house, Mom and I put up the new dining room light and installed a dimmer switch while Rhonda and Shannon removed all the wallpaper from the master bath. It came down so easy and fast, it was awesome.

So we puttied, sanded, taped, primed, and painted that room too! A-w-e-s-o-m-e.

We treated Mom and Rhonda to a yummy Japanese dinner for all their help. There is no way we would have done all of that this weekend had they not been there. Thanks guys!


A History of Dance Part 1

Wikipedia states :
MC Hammer (born Stanley Kirk Burrell; March 30, 1962) is an American MC who was popular during the late 1980s and early 1990s, known for his dramatic rise to and fall from fame and fortune and his trademark Hammer Pants.

Most people know about MC Hammer. This isn't new or exciting information.

Wikipedia describes jumpstyle as:
Jumpstyle is a dance mainly practiced in Europe, specifically the Netherlands, Belgium, and northern France. The dance is also called Jumpen (English word Jump + the Dutch en which means "to jump" or "jumps").

I've talked about this before, when Michelle and I did a little jumpstyle ourselves.

What I haven't mentioned is the strange similarities I believe to have found between dancing in MC Hammer videos and jumpstyle. Check it out and decide for yourself.


Canon keeps putting out these cameras. They seem pretty awesome, but it's darn hard to decide which one to get. Whenever we are like "Oh, this one looks pretty good!" we come up with...but this one looks even better as does this one, although a bit more expensive, and not available until October.


Up Next

I'm gonna make me this dress. :)


Burrito Hall

You may recognize a few things in the picture above. First it is the Chipotle website where you can "tune in" to news and going-ons in the yummy burrito realm. Second, I signed up for my new Tulsa location. And third, that's K-State! Yep, its Burrito, I mean Anderson Hall and Holton Hall. The image cycles through about 5 images, and we are one of them.

In other Wildcat news, Wednesday the 17th at 7pm on ESPN2, K-State plays Louisville. Watch it.


My Lawn Rose

I walked in after mowing the lawn on Monday and found this pretty rose from our yard with a tall glass of iced white tea and a note from Shannon. Aw.


Productivity on the Home Side

This weekend I made a little creature to give to my cousin with the blanket for her baby that I finished. I also finished painting some Escher models to make up a Vega's gang for Shannon and I. I painted about 12 movement trays. I also puttied the holes in the wall in the kitchen. I would have started to tape things off, but we have no painters tape! So I will do that later. I also started an apron made from some old jeans from Gary.

Between getting all that done (plus laundry and usual cleaning) and having my PIFF team do well, it was a very good weekend!


"Second Place"

For lunch today Shannon and I participated in a ping-pong turny at the office. Jen ordered Hideaway pizza (mmm...salami) and we played some games. Shannon and I actually got 2nd, but that is only because we won the for fun bracket and then got to play the two gents below who won. The prize was the Hulk gloves.

It was fun.


Yard Flower

Due to the hurricanes that have been strolling the area lately, we've gotten a lot of rain. This means that I can't mow the lawn whenever I want to due to rain. It also means I need to mow the lawn more often, due to the abundance of water the weeds are getting. Although, there are less weeds then there were 2 weeks ago.

The other thing flourishing because of the Hurricane's Gustav and Ike are our roses. The homeowners before us had some roses planted. Three in the back and one by the garage. So yesterday, Shannon went out and got a pretty pink one. :) He said, if they're growing we might as well cut them instead of letting them fall to the ground. There are about 9 more out there too.


Old Tree

When we purchased our house, you could tell that the ice storm they had in Tulsa last winter killed one of the trees in the front and took some major branches off the other. Now, we have a crazy series of "baby trees" all over our lawn that we mow over to keep in control. We've tried battling the upset lawn gnomes with some "weed" control and it seems to be working, but there are just so many of them.

So instead of continuous mowing, lawn gnome unhappiness, and baby tree battling, hopefully ending with the planting of grass, what if we replace the tree and make the lawn gnomes happy? Well, in the car to work this morning, Shannon and I wondered how much a tree cost. So I naturally checked first thing when I got to work and I found the Arbor Day Foundation's website. They have hundreds of trees for sale, most under 20$. So, perhaps a new tree will fill the hole of the old tree.



I know I usually post about my knit-things over here, but I'm gonna show it here too. :)

A few months ago my cousin Diana, Kat's Tyler's Aunt, had a request for a blanket for her new baby girl which is to be born in about 2 weeks. I told her I could make it, and now I am almost done with it.

Here are the 5 panels as I sew them together.



This past weekend we saw a lot of our friends and family. We ate dinner with Andy, Rusty, Mom, Jayme, Charles, and Nikki at Firkin Bull on Friday evening. Then we drove through to Manhattan. There we saw Rhonda, Michelle, Jenette, and Chris. Shannon and Chris got to go to the K-State game Saturday night with Michelle while Jenette and I stayed behind. We sewed and Rhonda made us a good steak dinner!

Then Sunday Shannon, Rhonda, Michelle, Chris, Jenette and I dressed up and got in Rhonda's new van, drove to Bonner Springs and spent the day in the 16th century.

We met up with Newgen and Andrea. Mom, Jayme, Charles, Maria, and Nikki came a little after that. It was great fun. We went to the tea again. The gypsy son's danced on the table for us. That was fabulous, in an awkward way.

Shannon went as a pirate, as did Maria. She wore Jenette's costume. Rhonda, Jenette, Jayme, and I went as girls in dresses....or ladies of the court. Michelle and Mom were gypsies. Chris was a steam mechanic. Charles wore Shannon's alchemist costume, and Nikki was a fairy. Jayme made her cute costume.

After, we got out of our costumes and ate a satisfying meal at Johnny Carino's with all 13 of us.

I must say these pics are not taken by Shann and I. Our camera died. These are all from Rhonda and Jenette. Thanks!