A Festival of Pirates

Well, a week back we went to the KC Renaissance Festival again. Good times were had and neat things were purchased. Mom, me, Shannon, Jenette, Chris, and Nicole dressed as pirates. Jayme wore the very first renaissance costume I ever made. That was back in 1997, I think.

Nicole was so cute walking around in her little pirate garb. She got quite a few compliments and cute gazes. She behaved pretty good too. Here she is having a grand time with Mommy while riding a llama (a rather gross animal).

There was a rather good Captain Jack Sparrow walking around as well. Mom and Nicole took a picture with him and Barbossa (we are guessing). The Sparrow costume was very good. The Barbossa one was only okay. It's hard to look like that crazy half-dead pirate.

Jayme, Mom, and Nicole also rode the elephant. But I didn't get any good pictures. They were all too dark. It was a really fun time. The weather was great. It kind of rained a few times, but nothing drenching. Mom and Jenette & Chris got these really neat slate oil lamps. Jenette also got a really cool piece of art work. It is too neat to try and describe. The artist's name is Renae Taylor.

Also, Jenette got an ocarina for her fairy costume. It's a little whistley type device. Chris played us some music on the was back. There is nothing to see. You just have to listen.


Irene said...

Fun pictures. Nicole is smiling so hard on the lama ride. What a cutie. Aunt Diana said she will be here for your graduation Nicole for sure, and if G-pa is up to the flight I'm going to buy him a ticket to come with Aunt D. Sweet
Also She wants to try to come to the Ren fest next year and get all dressed up too.
Hey I bought you guys the purple LED lights you liked from last year (when I only got you the small set) now you have 2 sets of 60 lights. that shld be pretty cool. Go K state!

Tuba Queen said...

Moms corny