Hi. My name is Richard.

Friday night we did a fund raiser for the hockey club. We provided valet parking and coat check for the Beach Art Museum. We went to Applebee's for dinner afterwards. A few things to note about this. First, I don't really like Applebee's and I always forget this. There just isn't much to get there that is good. And the good stuff, isn't really that good.

The other note is a story. Our first server left halfway through serving us. He basically just got us drinks and took our order, maybe refilled drinks once, even though we could have used more. Anyway, our new server, Richard, was all involved and made sure he knew who was drinking what and what every one got. He apologized for the other guy having to go and made a rather large deal of a small thing. But that's cool, he was at least attentive to our drink situation.

So, we order, eat, and then go to pay. He brought the bills and we got out our credit cards (Chris paid for he and Nette, I paid for Shannon and I). Eventually, Richard came back for our credit cards and then asked "Can I see some ID's?"

The first thing I thought was, "uh, we didn't get any alcoholic drinks..." But, he looked serious and so we gave him our ID's. He asked if we were surprised by this and then went on to tell us about how he had is card number stolen and it was a real bother to get it straightened out. That was enough to be annoying because really, the reason we are to sign the back of the cards is so the server can validate that it is indeed our signature on the bill. This isn't even the point.

He checks my card and says, "Woah, is that your real name?" I thought, "uh...yeah..." He follows it up with, "Your last name?" I said "uh...yeah..." but was really thinking, "no, it's my first moron." Perhaps realizing his overwhelming stupidity, he blabbers about how it's not a very common name (which is not correct) and then says "Hey my first name's Dick."

What an idiot.


Braveharte said...

If someone steals your credit card or applies for a credit card under your name, it is pretty easy to fake the signature. ID's are really the safest to prevent fraud.

But he does sound annoying...

Irene said...

I do not sign the back of my credit cards, I write in 'see id' and funny thing is no one ever even looks at the back of the card to ask me for my ID, when someone asks I always thank them.

Sorry Nick but there are some last names that are doomed forever to be commented on and yours is one of them. The name doesn't make the man, the man makes the man. (I swear this is really a saying) just ad 'wo' in front of all the 'man's and you got it!

Love you and can't wait to see you on Saturday!

Tuba Queen said...

Yeah what a dork..... But after what I am going thru with the crap from loser I'd wouldn't care if I had to tell them my blood type for them to ver it was me. You know a little prick in the finger. DNA testing for using a credit card.