Halloween Party

On Saturday the 27th, I went to Wichita for Jayme's tuba recital. She did a very good job. I'm really glad I got to go. That evening, her and Mom had a Halloween Party at Mom's house. People from their work came. Most of them with kids and almost everyone (adult and child alike) was in a costume. Above is Oliva. She went all out and even put in fake piercings! It was quite cool.

Another noteable thing is that Shannon and I found 5 Wii's at Best Buy. So we called my mom and decided to pick her up one. So I took it down with me, along with DDR: Hottest Party and our 2 dance pads. It was really fun to watch everyone play! Above is Lianna (?) and Taly (?), Jayme's friend Jessica's, daughter and sister. It was cute.

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