Costumes Part II

My costume was for a medieval seamstress. The sleeves for the under-dress were very tight. So I cut them off and made them removable. They kept falling off, the I will have to change the way they attach if I wear it again, but it was fine. I made the pattern for the overdress (not really all that complicated of a design). I also made my belt, you may remember. It turned out fine.

While there I bought some yarn so I can felt me another bag for the costume. The one leather pouch wasn't really enough.

Michelle started out as vampirate. But after some discussion as to why a vampirate would be in the same traveling group as a vampire hunter (Chris), we decided she should change titles. So, she became a dhampress (the female version of a dhampir).

I made the bodice based on the pattern that Jenette and Rhonda used. I just made it longer and lace up in the front only. Michelle and I planned and made her cape. It came out pretty good and matched her hair really well. The last thing I made for her was that hat. She had looked in some thrift stores and a costume store, but found nothing good for a good price. So, I remembered that I bought a pattern for 1$ and had fabric from Shannon's pirate coat. So, I made the hat. It turned out ok. The feather she bought really helped.

Shannon's costume turned out pretty good too. He went as an alchemist. He did a lot of research on alchemy and wrote just about all of it in those books he's got attached to his costume. In the bottles on the right are some things a real alchemist may have carried around.

I made the robe first for his costume. He found some really neat fabric and helped to design where the different colors would go. I then sewed it up. We slowly added the doublet, then the shirt, then the pants. It came out pretty good. Although, he said it was kind of uncomfortable because the books were very heavy to carry around. If there's a next time, we'll attach them differently.

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Yeah, we all looked freaking awesome ^_^