Football Season

Football season is back! I am very glad with that. Saturday was the first home game for the Wildcats. We beat the San Jose State University Spartans 34-14. It was a fun game to go too despite K-State's efforts to remind us of many who have died. (It was Ft. Riley day and they scrolled through a list of soldiers who've died and the half time show was dedicated to a student who recently passed away. BUT... It was a fun game to go to.

Also, in football news, our fantasy league is back (because the NFL is back). I opened the season with a loss to last years PIFF champion. Better luck next week when I take on the league founder.

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Irene said...

I'm excited that you got tickets for me to go to the K-state/KU game. By the way, do you have just one ticket for me or one for Jay too. Do you think it would be okay to take the baby? or no.so we can make plans.