Hip Hop was a No Go

A while back I decided I'd like to be a rapper. I figured this meant I needed to know how to dance like one. So I tried to learn from some youtube videos, but that didn't really work for me. I never actually was able to master a single step.

So, my new goal, learn to clog dance. This is something I can actually see myself doing. Perhaps not in Manhattan, nor on my own, but I think It'd be really cool to be able to clog dance.

But you know what I just happened across? I never would have thought it existed, but here it is and I love it.


Michelle said...

THAT was awesome. Do that. Plus, baby nicole's hat is really cute!

Tuba Queen said...


hockeyfrog said...

That was nuts.

I'm guessing though, that clogging in that manner really just like tap dancing, but instead of blisters, you get splinters.

Cool regardless!

Irene said...

Wow that was like a cross between, tap, clogging, river dance,and high school dance team. I love it! I think I'll watch it again now.