Costumes Part I

Rhonda made her own outfit. She was a lady of the court. As the rest of us, she's worked on it since this summer. We bought the patterns and fabric at JoAnn's pretty early (they were having a sweet sale 1$ McCall's patterns).

The coolest thing is all the work Rhonda put into her costume. She sewed on a lot of detail by hand. Check out the pearl beads on the skirt and bodice, the border of the bodice, the hair piece. Even her sleeves have some beaded goodness. I helped her hem the dress, but every thing else she did. :)

Chris also made his own costume. As far as I know, he made it all himself too. He was a vampire hunter.

He also has a cape to go with the costume. But his picture shows off his detail work (of which there is a lot). There was a lot of leather work that he did. He got pretty good at it too. He made some really neat things for not only himself, but Jenette as well.

I don't have a very good picture of Jenette's costume. Maybe after I look at their pics I will :). She went as fairy and tried to make it a pretty realistic one. As with Chris' costume, Jenette had a lot of detail .

She had fairy dust, cicada wing earring (made by herself), butterfly wing chain on her belt (made by herself), a light up fairy in a jar (made by Chris), and a plethora of other good things! For her wings, they decided to use boning to keep them stiff, but not sticking out. She found some really neat glittery-woody fabric to use. They were attached to her wrist bands so when she moved her arms, they moved too.

These three guys had really neat costumes. They put a lot of work into them and worked on them for a really long time. They came out really cool.


hockeyfrog said...

Those are all very cool! I wish work hadn't gotten in the way so much this summer... I could have put the finishing touches on my gypsy costume. Maybe if I start working on it now, I'll be able to wear it next year :)

Kudos to everyone!

*I wonder if we get awesome deals on patterns here because McCalls is based here?*

The Math Ninja said...

That is possible, about the patterns.

Well, we will be going back, either this year again or next year. So, let us know when your costume is done and we can all go together.

Irene said...

Very good costumes. Everyone did a great job!