Next Project

One of the best parts about finishing up a knitting projects is looking forward to starting the next! I am about 3" away from finishing my pair of leg warmers. Yesterday in the mail I received this box.

Inside this box were 10 small skeins of wool yarn. I need it to be wool (or other animal hair) because I'm going to felt this next project! Exciting.

They yarn (as you can see) is green and black. It was supposed to be a more kelly green, but that is a very hard color to find. So I settled. I bought the yarn from KnitPicks. It came very fast and was very cheap, only 2$ for 110 yards.

What am I making you ask? I pirate bag of course! It will be black with a green skull and cross bones and say Snotvia underneath (I think). I'm making it from this pattern here. It's a pretty cool thing and it uses double knitting. That, my friends, blows my mind.

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The Gare Bear said...

Boxes in the mail are usually good. Letters in the mail are sometimes good, sometimes bad. Sometimes letters in the mail have bills enclosed. Letters in the mail with bills are almost always bad unless you are retro paying for something you needed before you had money -- like dentist or glasses. Bottom line: I say get more boxes than bills. Then your happy balance will tip to the good side.