Newgen's Done Good

My buddy Newgen recently purchased the Rune Soldier series for 25$. For all of it. Above I have pictured all of it for not 25$. So...Good Job Newgen! You beat Hastings and the world (b/c Hastings sold it for so cheap and the rest of the world doesn't)!


Charity said...

You really need to like, type something to go with that picture. I'm left needing to know more. Lots more.

Oh, the anticipation is killing me. Is it the comic, or the price that's the issue?

I don't know and it's making my brain explode!

The Math Ninja said...

Sorry...I'll get right on that. I don't want an exploded brain to be on my hands (literally or figuratively)

Charity said...

Ohhh, they're DVDs! I feel infinintely better now.