Flaming Holes

Last Monday (a week ago) was Jenette's birthday. So while Rhonda and Michelle were here, we had a little shin-dig, complete with fire.

Then this Saturday, we played a fantabulous game of disc golf pairs. Chris had an awesome shot to get him a two on one hole. It just sat there, in the middle of the hole. (The hole that it's supposed to go through.)

Finally, my adventures in knitting have taken me this far. That yarn that I got in a few weeks ago has been turned into the bottom of a bag. With only 2 minor errors it's going along well.

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Irene said...

I'm very curious to see how the pocketbook comes out. that felt yarn is going to be interesting! Looks like you had fun on Jenettes b-day too and one day you have to show me how to do your frizbee games. It looks like good fun. Hope I see you both soon. I miss you.