Disc Golf Again

So the weather got nice. This weekend it was sunny and 60's. Not rainy and 30's. Much nicer. Shannon, Jenette, Chris, and I took advantage of it and played some disc golf. Shannon got his disc stuck in a tree. Then about 5 holes later, I threw my disc in a tree ( pictured above). Then to make it even better, about 5 holes later, Jenette threw hers in a tree! Chris is the only one who didn't.

In the picture above...my disc is the dark purple-ish-blue-ish blob and the red blob to the left of it is a bottle of Red Blitz soda that Shannon used to get it down with. Fabulous.

We played pairs. Chris and Jenette got -12 and Shannon and I got -12. It was a good time.

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Irene said...

Maybe one day you'll teach me how to play. It always looks like such fun and I am pretty decent with a frizbee! Just a thought. Love ya