Looks Good

The Starbucks is coming! We watch as Gambino's morphs into a national coffeehouse. At this moment, I believe they have achieved their desired results. I mean, the signs are up, so they're done...right?


Irene said...

Was Gambino's that place I told you I went to and you said you didnt like since the people were snotty?

The Math Ninja said...

No. Gambino's is a pizza place. The place you are talking about is BlueStem Bistro.

The Gare Bear said...

I just don't get it. I go to Kind Coffee (Estes Park, CO) and I like the coffee. I go to Panera (Longmont, CO) and I like the coffee. I can't go to Peaberry any more (but I liked the coffee. Einsteins is good. Peet's Coffee in the 29th Street Mall (Boulder, CO) is good. I go to Starbucks and it doesn't move me. But I now have 2 Starbucks within 1/4 mile of my house and several others to choose from in Longmont. And the city seems to be throwing up every conceivable roadblock to a poor guy who wants to do a drive thru coffee place even closer. Then, there's this dilemma: My formerly multi-colored-hair-daughter works at Starbucks in the Target store in Garden City, KS. And I've never been there becuase it's 370 miles away and we can't seem to get our schedules to coincide. So, I may never know if Starbucks Garden City Target is better than the rest. But I bet it's as good as it can be -- because of extra love and care.