The Adventure of Alla and Nicole

Alla (a fellow grad student) came by my office and asked for a glass. I had a large Planet Sub cup, so I gave it to her and followed her into her office. She has a large (about 2" long) black wasp chillin' on the wall behind her desk. Alla quickly covered the wasp and then used a sheet of paper to trap her in the cup.

I got a phone book and Alla put it over the cup. Then we happily walked to the door to let her free.

In the hallway, Alla accidentally moved the book and the wasp flew out! Alla screamed and I kinda screamed too (not as much as Alla though :)). Around 5 people poked their heads out of the office, or looked to see what the heck was wrong.

The black wasp sat on the wall in the hall and Alla and I went back to our offices. A little more embarrassed and yet relieved at the same time.

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