Old Tree

When we purchased our house, you could tell that the ice storm they had in Tulsa last winter killed one of the trees in the front and took some major branches off the other. Now, we have a crazy series of "baby trees" all over our lawn that we mow over to keep in control. We've tried battling the upset lawn gnomes with some "weed" control and it seems to be working, but there are just so many of them.

So instead of continuous mowing, lawn gnome unhappiness, and baby tree battling, hopefully ending with the planting of grass, what if we replace the tree and make the lawn gnomes happy? Well, in the car to work this morning, Shannon and I wondered how much a tree cost. So I naturally checked first thing when I got to work and I found the Arbor Day Foundation's website. They have hundreds of trees for sale, most under 20$. So, perhaps a new tree will fill the hole of the old tree.

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