Canon keeps putting out these cameras. They seem pretty awesome, but it's darn hard to decide which one to get. Whenever we are like "Oh, this one looks pretty good!" we come up with...but this one looks even better as does this one, although a bit more expensive, and not available until October.


hockeyfrog said...

While Canon has decent cameras.. you might check out Panasonic's Lumix line. I had bought a Canon a570is last November... and already replaced it with a Lumix TZ5 back in July. I love the thing to death... the 10x optical zoom was the first thing that made me stray from Nikon and Canon compacts. They're worth taking a look at, anyway.

The Gare Bear said...

They'll always make a better one. Now that digital photography is getting so good, I don't think it makes a difference (other than reliability) which camera you get. What does make a difference is still the photographer's ability to anticipate a good photo opportunity, see the desired outcome in advance, compose the shot properly, and choose the camera settings to capture the scene you want. That said, I do believe from my own experience that Nikon and Canon are both better than Olympus at taking photos with the camera set on automatic. However, now that I know my camera, I'll put my work up against anyone else's work. I almost never use automatic, but then I have studied film photography since the late 1970s. If you know how to make it work on film, you can probably make it work even better digitally.