Yard Flower

Due to the hurricanes that have been strolling the area lately, we've gotten a lot of rain. This means that I can't mow the lawn whenever I want to due to rain. It also means I need to mow the lawn more often, due to the abundance of water the weeds are getting. Although, there are less weeds then there were 2 weeks ago.

The other thing flourishing because of the Hurricane's Gustav and Ike are our roses. The homeowners before us had some roses planted. Three in the back and one by the garage. So yesterday, Shannon went out and got a pretty pink one. :) He said, if they're growing we might as well cut them instead of letting them fall to the ground. There are about 9 more out there too.

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Tuba Queen said...

The flowers are gorgeous. Cool on the ping pong too. Good job yos