A Little Elbow Paint

This weekend Mom and Rhonda came to T-town to help around the house.

It all started in the kitchen. Shannon and I already removed the border, now it was just a matter of deciding on paint colors and painting the room. We ended up painting the walls in the dining area green and the walls in the kitchen brown. The ceiling we painted a lighter brown in both rooms. It matches the floor really well and the blue/gray in the hall really well too.

Since we finished that on Saturday, we made plans to hang the light in the dining room and put in a dimmer switch on Sunday. The other thing we did on Saturday was the only thing that we said we had to get done this weekend.

About two weeks ago our garbage disposal just pooped out on us and quit. So Shannon and decided we'd just buy a new one and install it while our moms where here. So we told the moms about it Friday (when they got it) and they said that our home-owners warranty would cover it. Well that was a lot cheaper. 75$ for them to do it all instead of 200+$ for us to have to do it. Yay. Then on Saturday, after we painted and were admiring our work, Rhonda got to talking with Shannon about the garbage disposal. They did some things involving an allen wrench and pushing really hard. They plugged it back it and turned it on and it worked! Rhonda knew how to fix our garbage disposal for free!

On Sunday, we headed out to Lowe's go get what we needed for the dimmer switch and ended up buying paint for our master bathroom. When we got back to the house, Mom and I put up the new dining room light and installed a dimmer switch while Rhonda and Shannon removed all the wallpaper from the master bath. It came down so easy and fast, it was awesome.

So we puttied, sanded, taped, primed, and painted that room too! A-w-e-s-o-m-e.

We treated Mom and Rhonda to a yummy Japanese dinner for all their help. There is no way we would have done all of that this weekend had they not been there. Thanks guys!


Tuba Queen said...

I love it all. The Mom's were awesome!! I like the colors your guys picked out. I can't wait to see it. So different looking at the pictures. We need to talk so I can see when nikki and I can come down so you can see how big she is. Potty trained nikki :)

Irene said...

It was fun and the rooms look really good. Little by Little the house is turning into Nicole and Shannons house, not someone elses that you guys just bought. Next some tile/counter work! THe house just gets better and better! If you can't have furniture, have color! Love you both, and the Sushi was yummy!