May Showers

Tuesday we went to Estes Park. We went too late to be able to go to Rocky Mountain National Park, but Trail Ridge Road wasn't fully open anyway. We did get to fed chipmunks. Or a more entertaining way to say it chick-munks. Here is Michelle feeding one from her hand and one eating off her shoe. Cute, ne? We fed them sunflower seeds until we were too cold to stand it.

We walked around Estes, got a t-shirt or two, a couple of pieces of candy, and some earrings. Nice time. Then we met up with Linda and ate at Dunraven. That was some pretty good food. Their mussels are very, very good. Michelle and I even ate about 3 each!! Before we ate, it snowed! How fun. I'm glad I don't live there, I wouldn't want it snowing during my summer, but my vacation, that's fine.

Wednesday, we packed up, ate lunch, and headed out. Our ride home was long and stormy. But Shannon drove well and I am here to tell of it.

Here are some more cute chick-munk pictures.
When we first got there, one little guy ran up to me, stood on his back legs and put out his arms. He then proceeded to wiggle his little hands at me as if saying "Food? Food? You give me food?"


Blessum Yellowstone Trip said...

I think that those are technically ground squirrels rather than chipmunks. Chipmunks usually have to be smaller. I think they are "golden mantled ground squirrels".

Irene said...

How cute is that! Remember the chipmunks in PA? we could never get them to get that close. These guys must be really used to people. I'm glad you all had such a good time on your trip. Love you bubbalah!

The Math Ninja said...

I only remember the PA ones a little. And Julia is right I believe you are correct. If you check wikipedia, they look right.

Anonymous said...

How cute! For some reason, the hand wriggling of said creatures reminds me of my middle school students going "gum? gum?" with their hands out and an expectant smile on their faces. By the way, don't chew gum in front of students in Japan. It's banned in schools, and they know that you've got the stash.