He Really is #1

On Saturday we did a few fun things. First off, we went to Gary's new job at Matheson Tri-Gas. I won't show you any picutures of our tour, but I will show you the most snazzy group shot from our trip. We had to wear the hard hats, eye protection, and long sleeves while we walked around. Hence, our attire.

It was quite interesting. Gary seems to enjoy what he does, or at least find it neat. After the tour, we headed to Linda's to gear up for the races. Gear up we did. Holy cow we took a lot of stuff...

Then it was north to Loveland for some Centerra shopping. But we didn't have an oddle of time. Mostly we just ate some fabulous gelato from a shop in the mall. And I mean fabulous! Flavors were both normal and abnormal, like Strawberry-Celery, Hazelnut, Piccante, Mediterranean Sea Salt Caramel, just to name some. And they were all good. All of them!

We soon were off the the races. They had a 100 lap race (which was long), trains (which are always fun), and outlaw sprints (which go really fast). Well, the moon looked really neat and we saw a few more wrecks than usual. But we also witnessed history.

The #1 outlaw sprint car broke the track record for speed. It was set almost 10 years ago and he broke it that day while we were there. He went so fast. (Make sure you read that and said so slowly and importantly in your sentence.) It was very impressive. Michelle even got a picture with the driver (whose just about my age). It was really neat.

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