Trans Siberian Orchestra

This past Friday, Shannon and I, joined by some friends and family, went to watch Trans Siberian Orchestra at the BOk Center!
We've been the past two years, but in Wichita. This time we didn't have to travel (but other's had to go further). It was fun. The show was pretty much the same, but still entertaining. The lights and lasers are fabulous as is the music. They played a lot from their new album after the Christmas show part. That was fun.

Andy, Jenette, Chris, Michelle, and Coleman all came down Friday evening to watch with us. That was nice, so see friends and family again! Michelle and Coleman had to leave early on Saturday for Michelle's going away party (she's studying in Europe next semester!!).

The remainder of us watched Zombieland at the dollar (fifty) theater. I really enjoyed the movie. It was just entertaining. Not trying to be all realistic and stupid funny and love-story based. Although there were glimpses of all three, the movie wasn't driven by any of them. Just fun. Shannon and I would definitely like to own that movie. Good zombie fun.

Andy left after that and dinner at Cafe Ted's. So, the four of us (Jenette, Chris, Shannon, and me) went to Old Navy (who has no maternity clothes... half the point for going) and Barnes and Noble. We bought Cranium Party Playoff. It was entertaining, but not fabulous. It was also only 25$, which is cheap for a game.

However, we also played Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game. That was more fun (also more game-like, less party-like). Chris and Jenette played the heros and won on the very last turn. :) Good times.

Monday was basically just fooding and then saying bye to Nette and Chris. Shannon and I (some together, some not) cleaned, sewed, trimmed hedges (and cut the extension cord...I'm too careless), put up outdoor Christmas lights, and hung out. A nice weekend at home.


Braveharte said...

My favorite place for maternity clothes was motherhood maternity. Cheap and basic clothes!

The Math Ninja said...

Yes, we went there and it is pretty great! I got a nice dress for Christmas Eve service and Shannon got me a bunch of clothes for the rest of the time. Thanks for the suggestion!