I don't actually have many pictures of our Thanksgiving, mostly of making gingerbread houses. But I'll still share.

Rhonda and Michelle got in on Tuesday. I taught class that night and Shannon when with them to buy some more food. Then we did some prepping for Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday evening everyone else came in. Jenette and Chris (with their new Kia Rondo) came down and we ate at Asahi. It's a sushi place that is close to our house and usually really great to eat at. Friendly service, good food, good prices. But it sucked on Wednesday night! They never took Chris' order. Then they came out about 5 minutes after we ordered and told us the kitchen was closed (it was just about 9:15 and they close at 10:00) so all we could order was sushi. Well, not everyone was eating or would eat sushi.

After our sushi came we started to eat and around 9:40, they actually started to shut off lights and get ready to go. Service just got worse the later it got. She stopped asking if we needed things and didn't hear when you asked for stuff. It was crappy. By the time we left, right around 10:00, I think all of the cooks and most of the other staff had their jackets on and bags on their shoulders and were waiting by the back table for us to leave, so they could leave. Yeah, that sucked.

Besides that... Mom, Maria, Jayme, Charles, Nikki, and Hendrix came in later Wednesday night. We finished up some cooking/cleaning and headed to bed.

Thursday we had some soup for lunch. Everyone but Mom and I went to Hunter park and played for over an hour. They had fun. At one point I called Shannon and asked what he was doing "Putting out a fire." I was rather surprised and asked him about it. It turns out he and Nikki were playing. No real fire.

After soup lunch, we had an assortment of appetizers, cheese, fruit, crackers, home-made Chex mix, spinach-artichoke dip, garlic cheese ball, raspberry cheese ring, and some other random things.

Then we eventually finished the actual dinner and at around 7:30. Everything was tasty! We have so many left overs (still). But it was a good time. After dinner and desserts, we just hung out. Maria decorated Hendrix's hair, too.

Then Friday came, there was more food to be eaten, some Garden Ridge shopping, but no other Black Friday shopping adventures. The main event on Friday was making gingerbread houses. Shannon and I baked all the pieces earlier in the week and then we assembled and decorated them on Friday.

And the houses...

Shannon's: Red and green and lots of it!

Nicole's: I stuck with red and green and basic.

Maria's: Its about the accessories. A dog, snow angel, snowman, and Jeep.

Michelle's: She has a very cute snowman.

Jayme and Nikki's: They worked together to make it all! Chimney and dog with the head that fell of a few times.

Charles': He made a sled with Santa and a jolly man actually inside the building.

Mom's: Lots of color and cuteness!

Jenette's: She made a deck and the window on the backside looks into the house showing the Christmas tree.

Chris': Nice thatched roof and friendly little man in the door.

Rhonda's: Covered in candy! No gingerbread showing.


Ookami Snow said...

Rhonda's is still impressive.

Irene said...

Thanksgiving was great. I loved everything about the weekend except seeing my poor Nicole with a boo boo. And Yes, I loved all the houses but Rhonda's was awesome