Registering For Baby

I truly understand the concept of a registry. You are going to have a baby, people will likely buy you things. Tell them what things you'd like. Got it.

Here's a problem... There's a good deal of things I'd like from Etsy, but you can't make a registry with Etsy. You can add items to your favorites, then they are there forever and when they sell out you are linking to a gone object. Not great.

But there are things Shannon and I like. So, I will just post them here. If no one buys us them, fine. I may get them for myself. Also, there is no way to check for doubles...so...that. But really, I'm sure this isn't going to be a list for everyone. Just a select few who read my blog and want to buy our baby something.

Here goes:


newgen said...

www.findgift.com has a pretty good registry. Best of all, you can put things from stuff all over the internet on it. Andrea and I use it all the time for holidays

Amber said...

I'm seeing you have an amazon wishlist on your page - you can get a firefox plugin that will allow you to add anything from any site to your amazon wishlist, if thats of any help.

Hope you're having a great holiday season!

The Math Ninja said...

wonderful! Both options do what I needed. Thanks guys!

Tuba Queen said...

I noticed 2 things that are dinosaurs......are you learning towards a dino room?

Steph said...

I had the same problem--everything cute is on etsy or local stores that don't have registries! I ended up using myregistry.com to make my baby registry since it lets you add things from any store you want. I even added a really cute vintage bib from an antique store in my neighborhood that doesn't even have a website! You should def check it out!

The Math Ninja said...

~Tuba Queen: It is possible it will be a dinosaur/math-nerd themed room. Likely colors are oatmeal (banish), sage green (but more gray than yellow), and lavender (but more gray than pink).

~Steph: Thank you for the suggestion. I hadn't heard of myregistry.com before. I'll have to check that out too.