My New Look

Instead of looking pregnant, I just look fat. I don't have much of a bump. I have just a large belly. It's quite annoying. My clothes all still fit and I think that is part of the problem. I jut keep wearing my normal clothes, so I don't look like I'm wearing maternity outfits (cause I'm not). But I just look like a slightly fatter person wearing my normal stuff.

It's a rather awkward state.


Julia said...

I remember that phase. No one will say anything to you either because no one else is sure whether you're pregnant or fat. :)

The Math Ninja said...

Shann said something. :)

He told me I should gain more weight because right now I just look fat. Oh, it's fun.

I know you mean other people who don't live with me, but it's still funny.

I'm sure I'll look pregnant at some point.

Anonymous said...

pictures, I want pictures! r in gc

The Math Ninja said...

I added a small Flickr slideshow to the toppish of my side bar. There are weekly pics there (but I have some updating to do).

Tuba Queen said...

I look pretty darn fat! Like really fat! I haven't gained much weight though. I don't know. looking at your picture slide show you look pregnant to me. But maybe cause I know you are pregnant.