Growing Up

I've been married for 8 years and 3 months. We are going to have our first baby. I've graduated college with my masters. I've had multiple "real" jobs. I haven't grown any taller in the last 10 years. I'm pretty grown up. But, there are still a lot of things to do.

Now I can mark one off the list, meeting a health insurance deductible, and scaring myself at the same time. How so you ask?

Yesterday at my doctor's appointment (which went fine), I paid for my pregnancy and all bills in full. That met my deductible. Then I got home and was like, "oh crap. I just paid 1000$ and met my deductible 1 day before it resets. genius." Needless to say, I was rather bummed and wishing the doctors office was still open so I could call and cancel the payment.

But it was after 5:30. No go. So all I could do was think. I thought, "hmm... maybe the deductible resets on January 1st, not December 15th. That would be good (but not great still, only 15 days left). I'll ask work in the morning." But that still gave me time to think. So I thought some more, "Maybe the payment won't go to this years deductible, but next year since that's when the service will actually be performed." Bah, still had to wait. Really hope I didn't just waste 1000$!

So today I talked to work and our deductible resets January 1st (which now I know is pretty normal). I also talked to the doctors office and they don't charge until the service is actually performed (which is also pretty normal). So good. No wasting of 1000$! :)

AND, I know more about insurance and deductibles then I have the past -> Growing up!


Anonymous said...

growing up is fun believe me more fun to come r in g

Irene said...

You should have asked me. I'd have told you to wait to make the pmtjust in case. Remember this is what I deal with every day. BUT As long as they do not bill the insurance company until after 1-1 the insurance co would have no idea when you actually made the pmt. So as long as that is what they do you will be fine. Yes you are all grown up. I'm very proud to say!

The Math Ninja said...

I needed to make the payment by December 1st (the paper they gave me on December 14th said). So, I went ahead and paid then. But it all looks like it will work out. Things usually do.