Keeping Busy

My burn is doing better. The skin is peeling and the new stuff underneath is quite red.

There is more peeling today, but I don't have my camera with. That pic is from yesterday morning.

I also have been busy like crazy with Etsy! I have about 5 custom orders to do. I finished two last night and should be able to do two more tonight. It's pretty fun. I just with I had more in stock in my store! I'm down to pretty much nothing (save for cross-stitch patterns, people should buy those more :))

~Side note~ it looks dumb to put a smiley in parentheses, like above. I run into this a lot.

We also took our Christmas decorations out of the attic last night. We put a few up around the house, but mostly just opened a lot of boxes. :) About 40% of the houses in our neighborhood have Christmas lights up already. We are not one of them, but hopefully can help soon. On our cul-de-sac of 5 houses, everyone but us has lights up!

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Irene said...

It looks so bad still. I know it looks better than it did but it is just so big! my poor baby