Christmas in Garden City

Shannon and I are spending this Christmas in Garden City. We left work early on Tuesday (which was 1.5 days before we planned too) because of probable bad weather on the drive. Luckily, we missed basically all of it. Shannon said there was only one slick spot near Garden. The rest of the drive was pretty good. There was some freezing fog, but the roads were okay.

We will be here until Sunday. I'll post some pictures later.

Then next weekend (New Years) we will go to Wichita to spend Christmas with my mom and family. :) I'm looking forward to the two Christmas' with family. I miss them and am glad they all work together so well, pretty much all the time. It makes life easier.

In other news, we got an adorable e-card from Julia, Pickle, and Autumn. Not only is she wearing a hat I made her, but she's giving a thumbs up! How awesome!


Braveharte said...

I have gotten so many comments about that hat. People love it! I had one person tell me that they'd pay good money for that hat if they saw it in a store!

The Math Ninja said...

Well, they'd have to. It takes me so long to knit that I'd have to charge like 80$ to make minimum wage. :)