No Hockey for Us

We were supposed to go to Manhattan for the alumni hockey game, but the weather made us not. There was a record breaking 6" of snow here in Tulsa on Saturday. That broke an 83 year old record.

We woke up on Saturday before it had snowed too much and went to Walmart for some things.

The roads weren't too bad at this point. Although Shannon drove, not me. So he may have a different opinion.

While home, we spent a lot of time by the fireplace drinking tea and just chilling. We made some yummy chicken soup and shepard's pie and just enjoyed the day. We did go for a walk after it had basically stopped snowing. It was great packing snow. The neighbor's made some forts in the cul-de-sac.

Here's our house, all snowy. Notice our new yard flag from Andy. Sweet.

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