Khardon North Skull

Shannon and I recently finished a BloodBowl league. We haven't played in years and we thought it sounded fun. So, after finishing a league, we painted some for it. Shannon completed his Dwarf team and I finished my Chaos team. All I had left to do was paint the 5 Chaos Warriors. I'd painted the Beastmen (below) in the summer of 2006.

In addition to models, I finally finished the BloodBowl board that I started, probably around summer 2006, maybe even earlier. It was always destined to be our Chaos field and now it's done.

It's made of 1" pink inlusation foam with indentations for the squares. It's glued down to some hard board and flocked with the same stuff I put on my Chaos bases.

I made the dugouts simlpy by cutting wholes in the foam. Then I lined the sides with popsicle sticks to look like wood retaining walls. The two black boxes are for storage and dice rolling.

To keep track of things, I made these wooden score boards from random balsa and bass wood pieces. They look a little more Orc-y than Chaos-y, but they still work. One side uses blue, the other endzone used red.

Also, to get the lines on the field, I watered down some Fortress Gray paint and just painted with a regular brush right over the flock. It was the last thing I did.

I may go back and paint a logo in the middle of the field, but Shannon and I need to design one first. So for now, it a Chaos field and it looks better than I thought it would. Now I just need to finish painting my Amazon team so we can play another season of BloodBowl.

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