Happy First Monday of Spring

This weekend was a special one. The last two weekends we've had guests here, which is awesome. I love having people come over on weekends. The weekend before that we helped Jay and Charles move, so that means we were out of town. The next 3 weekends Shannon and I will be gone. So this weekend will be the only one in 7 that Shannon and I are home and can do stuff around the house. So we did (and we played a lot of Blood Bowl too).

We started on Saturday by trying to fix our yard. It is mostly weeds and those evil baby trees. We raked and then on Sunday sprayed the entire yard (front and back) with weed killer. I fear we may have to take more extreme measures though. We will see. Here is a picture from before we raked.

And this is after. It looks like more of a difference in real life. I really hope the weed killer works!

The other thing we did was to paint our second bathroom. Yay! I know, I know. Everyone whose seen the previous wall paper (below) is thrilled. Try to contain yourself. We aren't done with that room yet.

We still plan to replace the carpet with some pretty tile. We also will change the lights, add some pretty decorations, and maybe even new faucets. We'll see what we find (and how much Mom wants to do!)

Yay! It's so nice getting things done around the house.

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