Cody say hi me.

This weekend Shannon and I visited Wichita. We got to see lots of people (Mom, Jay, Charles, Nikki, Rhonda, Maria, Cody..) and meet Charles' cousin from Bartlesville, OK (Aaron), Maria's puppy (Hendrix), Cody's doy (Mary), and Jayme and Charles' new place (a rental house)!

It was a good time. We ate a lot of good food and cleaned a lot of windows.

On Saturday, Charles and Aaron moved all but about 8 boxes and the washer and dryer by the time our crew got there. So we helped moved the last of the things into the living room and then dropped the truck off. When Jay got done with class, we had some lunch (sponsored by Jayme and Charles) and then headed back to start cleaning the house.

We cleaned about all the windows and all the cabinets in the kitchen. Plus other random things, like floors and the such. The house is still being worked on and hopefully everything that the landlord said would be done, gets done. If not, then there will be some drama. (p.s. Jayme lost a bit of weight!)
That night Mom treated all 9 of us to Sal's, a Japanese steakhouse. It was tasty. Then he relaxed, watched City of Ember, and went to bed. On Sunday we did some more eating, cleaning, and backrubs.

It was a nice trip. We even got some Christmas gifts from Rhonda! Shannon got the entire Calvin and Hobbes set. It is quite heavy.

But to add to an already great trip (really, me and my two sisters with their boyfriends and my mom and my neice, and my mother in law? wonderful), there were doggies! I finally got to meet Maria's golden retriever, Hendrix. He's almost 3 months and he is so cute. Such a stereotypical puppy, low corrdination, furry body, huge paws and legs, adorable face, not house trained (yet, but getting there).

There were 4 dogs running around Mom's house. Dakoda obviously lives there, but it was Atari's last night at Mom's house. Jayme is taking her now that they have a house. There was the previously mentioned Hendrix, and Cody (Maria's boyfriend) also brought his dog, Mary. Mary is a well-behaved pit-mix. She is pretty and really fun to play with too. The dogs mostly got along really well. Atari was more of a barking referee than a playmate though.

I still want a doggie!

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