My New Purse

I bought my old purse for 5$ from the K-State Union. It was quite a find and lasted me a good 3 years, I believe.

But it has seen better days. The denim is wearing away and there is a rather large whole in its side exposing the padding for the back.

So I made me a new purse. It's not perfect, but it's pretty good. I got the fabric 50% off because its a remnant. And the lining is left over fabric from making Michelle's cape, I think...

I put some padding in the back and quilted it with my Snotiva flag. It's pretty fun.

Next time I make one, it will be a little larger, made of thicker fabric, have a 1.5" thick strap (not 1"), and have more pockets for my things. I did use magnetic snaps to hold it shut, and those work really well.


Irene said...

You are so talented Nick. I'm so proud of all your many many abilities. I created you! I'm pretty proud of me too.

Tuba Queen said...

That looks pretty darn cool. I want one. HA HA! I love my apron by the way. Its perfect.

The Gare Bear said...

Will you have a funeral for the old purse? Can I come?