The tentative meeting is tentatively scheduled.

Last Friday Shannon and I left work a little early because we had a delivery coming. So we got home, and about 15 minutes later, our delivery came. What was it? It was a bed! Now when guests come over, they can sleep on not-the-futon!

And our first guest on the new bed? Andy! He came in Friday evening and we just kinda chilled. Which is good, because the rest of the weekend was un-chilled.

Saturday we started our day at a lazy noon and went to the Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum. It was pretty nice. There were lots of cute monkeys, a roaring lion (we happened to walk by right when he was roaring, and then he took a nap), kangaroo's chillin' on their elbows, roadrunners, and many many other animals.

Afterward walking around for 4 hours, we went to a coffee shop (Shades of Brown) and I got some tasty, but overpriced chai. Then we went to the last weekend home game for the Tulsa Oilers, who just happened to be playing the Wichita Thunder. Actually, this is the reason we chose this weekend for Andy to come down. The game was crazy. The final score was 6-5 Tulsa. Did you read that, 11 goals! Jeepers, more like a roller hockey or baseball game than ice hockey game. No fights either, the game was just too close I guess. Good times. (The picture below is not mine.)

On Sunday, we again started around noon. We headed down to Tin Star for some lunch and then walked the Riverwalk. Now it was time to hit up an Indian casino. We were gonna go to the new one by Riverwalk, but it didn't look very open when we drove by. So instead we headed up north to Cherokee Casino. I belive that I am the only one of the three of us who didn't lose money. I actually made $3.34. I started with 5$ and played with it the entire time we were there, which was about 1.5 hours. I got up to 16$ once! It was a fun time. Although being at the casino was kinda depressing because you can see how easy it would be to just keep losing money. It's so easy to say "One more time" and push a little button that takes your bet and keeps it. But once in a while, not too bad. (Neither did I take this picture.)

Andy eventually left, after he and Shannon watched Watchmen. I went home and did some stained glass instead.

Nice weekend (as they usually are). I will add some pictures when I get home, too.

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Irene said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. and yeah! love that you have a spare room bed.