Happy Square Root Day

Oh, the joy of mathematical holidays! Happy Square Root Day!

You'd better be celebrating this one. You won't have another chance to until 4/4/16! That's over 7 years away.


The Gare Bear said...

Square root day is a wonderful day indeed. Such a powerful force in the realm of statistics and calculating the distance you would have had to walk if you hadn't taken that shortcut across the lawn. I am eagerly awaiting 7/8/09 day. What a day that will be. I just never want to see another 911 anything day. That one in 2001 was too much. And I shed a tear over the fact that 2X Son Day will never come again. Cause now I'm 54.6 years old instead of 52.

The Math Ninja said...

And Pi Day is coming up soon as well (3/14)