Distribution Plushies

I've been doing some stitchery lately, and I don't just mean my curtains. I've also been making cute little statistical plushies. It was Shannon's idea and he is giving me feedback as I go. So far I've made 3 little fellas.

The standard normal (z) was the first one I made. The fabric is quite thin so you can see the dark threads through him. Also, his top isn't very smooth or symmetric and his mouth is too low. But he is still a little cutie.

Next I made Student's t. I used the same fabric, so same issue there, but he has multiple degrees of freedom. So I embroidered a curve for 2,5, and 200 (I think, I don't remember for sure). However, his bottom isn't very straight.

Then last night I made Chi-squared. I used a different fabric, obviously. This time you can't see through it, but I should have used darker floss for his different curves (at 5, 10, and 20 degrees of freedom). I also should have used lighter floss for his eyes. You can't even see the little buggers. Due to the curves, deciding where to put his face took some time, it's okay, but I'm open to suggestions. Also, instead of stitching his bottom, I placed it on the fold. That not only seems to make more sense, but it looks a bit smoother too.


Anonymous said...

what a cute idea i think your should market them to math camps
r in gc

The Gare Bear said...

I want one titled "approaching infinity". I always thought that was such a cool topic in calculus.

The Gare Bear said...

I detect a lesson in "just how free are we in this country" coming up if Math Dojo were to attempt to market these cute beasts. Take a gander at the rules and regulations necessary to be able to sell something like this -- you know those little tags that they have on pillows and bedding? Lots of hoops to jump through. And, what about meeting the new non-toxic standards. Is there a choking hazard? (yes, there is, we are going to choke the next person that proposes or passes a new regulation) Is the fill fire retardant so some stupid person doesn't catch it on fire when they throw it on top of a candle? You get my drift. I don't know what the legalities would be if you tried to give the things away. However, it you got a billion dollar grant from Obama, you could give yourself one of his 3 million new jobs and try to clear all the hurdles so you could sell your wonderful little critters -- be sure you break up your company in small subsidiaries so you stay under the $250,000 income limits. As Yakov Smirnov used to say in his comedy acts "What a Country!!!"

The Math Ninja said...

If they got sold, it would be through Etsy. They are a community set up to sell handmade and vintage items. It's a pretty groovy place. You should check it out.

The Gare Bear said...

Hope my last comments didn't dampen your spirits. I still want an "Approaching Infinity" plushie.