I've been doing some housework and updating recently. Such things as...

1. Hang a picture from my mom that I got for Christmas in our bedroom. Nothing matches in this room at the moment. There are some old blue curtains from Jardine, a few boxes for Goodwill, some light lilac paint, and other random things.

2. I also made some curtains for the kitchen window (shown below) and our master bathroom window. I don' t have any pictures of that one yet for you. But the kitchen curtains match the color we painted in the eat-in part really well.

3. And a project in progress is this fabulous bathroom. The wallpaper is now down and the walls puttied and sanded. Once we get the opinion of another party about our color choices, we can buy the paint and tiles and finish her up. We plan to paint it green and put in a new tan tile floor. Currently the flooring by the sinks here is carpet and in the water closet part (through that closed door) its a cheap linoleum sheet. That will go too.

I've also been doing other crafty things like sewing, crocheting, working on a BloodBowl board, and making a stained glass Sierpinski's triangle.

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Irene said...

Very nice Nick. The picture looks nice in the room and the curtains in the kitchen look like they match really well. good job!