Another Glorious Weekend at Home

So, I've talked about our bathroom curtains and here is a picture of them. We started with just the red striped fabric, then found the gold-ish curtain underneath it at Target for cheap, so we bought it and it matched the fabric really well. Plus it makes it seem more like we meant to put up some decorative curtains.

Keeping with the curtain theme, I introduce sidelight curtains, for added privacy. Now I don't have to worry about people being able to see me inside of my house. Not that there are that many people around. Living on a cul-de-sac in a small development, we didn't even have many trick-or-treators. But still, now you can't see in. The new curtains make the room feel more like a room and make you notice the window above them (which you can't see in this picture) a lot more. Not to mention they were really cheap becuase the fabric I found back in August for 50 cents a yard!

This weekend I also groomed an old plant. My dad gave my mom this plant on Mother's Day about 9 years ago... or so? It used to live on a stick that was about 3 feet tall. But it no longer actually was stuck to it. So I removed the stick and that dead pieces and this is all that was still attached.

A few pieces are in some water and hopefully they won't die on me. But instead, establish some roots so I can plant them and have baby plants. Aw.

In other news, last time Shann and I went shopping we bought a ham. This way we can have a ham dinner and then make some delicous pea soup with the remains. Yummy. We made a honey ham (the picture above is stupid big if you actually click on it to see), some scalloped potatoes, and an egg bread. The bread, shown below, was huge! That rack that it's on is about 10" by 16" and the bread covers most of it.

With the eggwhites left from the bread, we made angelfood cake. And then with the left over bread I made french toast. Yummy.

It was great to have a weekend at home to cook, clean, sew, do stained glass, and even other things! Like on Saturday we went to PetSmart just to look at doggies. Pet Adoption League brings pets to show on every other Saturday. Let me tell you, they had some cute doggies! If only Shannon and I were going to get one...we aren't going to. Despite how we would both enjoy a dog, we just don't think now is a good time to get one.


hockeyfrog said...

Is the plant a pothos by any chance? I actually inherited a really scraggly one from my folks, and have 6 new hearty plants I'm getting ready to pot... they're getting root bound in the mason jars of water :) If indeed its what they are, my hint is to use distilled water, and a chunk of fertilizer stake in the water.

The Gare Bear said...

Being a great dog lover myself, since Shadow I haven't been real eager to run out and get another. Some dogs are just dogs. Shadow was truly a living, thinking, rationalizing, plotting, stubborn, smart, one-of-us-type of dogs. Any less of a dog would now be disappointing. Shadow was so cool that you could tell she understood that we had to let her go. Shadow was unique, so I wouldn't want another Shadow, but I would want a dog that operated at her level of consciousness.

Now, on another note in keeping with this not being a good time to get a dog -- I said several times in the last 8 years that Shadow cost more to maintain than my kids did -- health insurance vs. lack of veterinary insurance, probably being the big reason.

The bread, ham, and description of the fate of all that yummy stuff was interesting. All in your own humble abode. That's really cool.

Irene said...

As usual, put you by a sewing machine and you create beautiful things. I love the curtains. THe food looks extremely yummy. When I finally get down there to help tile your bathroom, you have to make me some yummy food too! I love ya hon!