The Fitz

This weekend was full of 100's of sugar cookies, literally.

Friday night we drove to Wichita for our Superbowl party. We had it at Mom's house this year since that is a more centralized location.

On Friday, we just kinda chilled at Mom's house. Nikki entertained us (as usual), we played some "pool," and even got to sit on the couches downstairs! (That is special because usually the cat owns the basement, but Mom built her a little room so now she doesn't roam free downstairs, hairing and puking on whatever she pleases.)

Saturday we were joined by Rhonda, Jenette, Chris, and Michelle for lunch at La Galette. It's a cute little French joint with yummy pastries and desserts. After lunch, we went shopping for our Superbowl party. Then eventually met up with Andy and Rusty for dinner at Olive Garden. We conviced them to come back to Mom's house and help us frost our cookies for the next day. Shannon and I baked them before we went to Wichita.

On Sunday, we prepared the party and took Nikki and Dakoda for a walk. By kick-off we had all the food ready and there was lots of food to be had. We had the giant sandwich, hummus, salsa, guacamole, cheese dip, bean dip, cheese and sausage with crackers, perogies, 2 types of cheese balls, and 2 other cheese dips, veggies and dip, puppy chow, half of a butter pecan stadium cake (only half because a certain chug dog ate half of it while we all played Guitar Hero), Skittles, and our Superbowl Cookies. I think that is all. It was good! And we actually didn't have too much left over.

It's too bad the Carinals didn't win. All 10 of us were going for them. Mom even bought a sweet Larry Fitzgerald shirt. They played pretty good though. It was an awesome game to watch.

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Irene said...

I had a good time on Super bowl. It was great to have you guys at the house. I was so sugared up from the cookies I dont think I slept for a week.